06 Dec Motor Union is back!

Motor union holds a special place in many San Diegan hearts. It’s something home grown, similar to us in a way. A san diego based shop holding an event in San Diego. It only makes sense. For awhile Motor Union was missing in our lives. It had become a staple for many over the years as a must go to event. Chill vibe, chill atmosphere and friends/family getting together for a day o’fun. Then there was silence. I know lots of things were happening during the hiatus, things I know nothing about so there’s no reason to comment about it. BUT, after what felt like eternity, Jay and the crew finally brought back Motor union to everyone’s happiness.

Motor union has always had some of the dopest cars come out. They always wanted to bring out cars that weren’t always best of show winners. But cars that represented fun in every way possible. Cars that you can tell just by looking at them, the owners had tons of fun building them for themselves and not because it was the current trend. That’s what we liked most about Motor Union, the quirky cars that made people enjoy the event more so than be ultra competitive for no real reason. I mean, look at the trophies they give out! They are the epitome of fun with non-traditional bowling style trophies that just scream “not serious and have fun dammit”.

As usual we had fun at Motor Union. It gave us a chance to reminisce with all our friends we only get to see so often. It also gave us an opportunity to meet new friends that don’t normally come out to these events as it’s not typically there thing. That right there is the beauty of Motor union. It merges many “cultures” into one location where typically, they wouldn’t have in the first place and for that, we’re grateful that we were apart of Motor Union this year and hopefully in the future as well.

Thank you as always for the good times. Until the next one!