Such a great day to be with all the great cars that come together for Takeshi’s Event.  We have always been a supporter of KDAY since day one and still have not gone to 1, but hopefully that will change.  Im always told my Takeshi that it might be boring for me because its not too many custom cars at his event.  I dont go to events just to see the cars, I go to support my great friends and to meet great people… at the end of the day the cars are cool but its all about the people and their stories behind the build and this is what I see in this event.  Its not about the money its about getting people together and enjoying a great time kind of like how our AF FEST is.  I have much respect for Takeshi for his hard work to put on this event and to even come out to the U.S. to do work for his business.  Hes been doing this for some time now and I feel that he is one of the OG Japan guys that made this movement possible to lead the way for other Japanese guys to imitate what he does and also some Americans.  If you ever have the chance to go to his event you should and if your ever in Sendai this is one event you should attend, Not just for the cars but for the awesome people that run the event and that bring out their cars… Lets move on to the coverage by @autofashion_suu =)

One of the cars that caught my eye was something close to my heart.  See this DC in the same color as mine got me teary eyed.  Such a clean car!

One day im going to get another DC Integra so I can put the MUGEN kit on it like @type_s  aka Hideo your car is always a favorite of mine and cant get tired of looking at it!

Tomo and the Crew from SouthSiiiiide Auto Customs with their Unique style. Love it or hate it, You cant deny them of how much work and details that their cars have.

Remember that SC400 from the U.S.  in Part 1?  This is his engine bay with the ITB 1UZ.  The engine bay looks like its a brand new car sitting in the dealership showroom.

One of my favorites from KDAY! was this S13/180sx with the GP-SPORTS aero.  This is owned by Shigeharu Sakuma and His Wife.  The inspiration of this build was that a Famous Local Drifter in Sendai had this kit on his car and that it is Shige’s idol and wanted to pay tribute to him with this build for his wifes car.

Simple is always clean and  Takuya Matsuda car is always a favorite of mine.  I dont get to see him much but he always supported the shop and seen few pictures of him wearing AUTOFASHIONUSA Tshirt.

I always get to see this car at many events in Japan. Who would of thought that someone would fix up a Tercel as we know it as here in the U.S. This car is so clean but never met the owner.  A few things I dont like that he used but that would have to wait for another day hahaha.

This TSX that was was imported from the states and done up nicely by Hidetugu Isimoto of Level One Japan.  One of the cleanest TSX engine bays I seen.

Arigatou Gozaimasu to Masahiko Hasegawa for reppin Autofashion on your EK and also helping out Suu on this great day! 

I hope you enjoy the coverage by Autofashion_Suu of this years KDAY!!! in Sendai Japan.  Hope to get more coverage of other events in Japan up once we get the schedule of all the events.  Thank you so much Suu for being part of the AF FAMILY and helping out so much. 

Everyone please feel free to share any of our coverage on Facebook or Instagram.  Thanks everyone for your continuous support! We have some coverage of all the events going up soon and sorry for the delays.  AUTOFASHION USA is a 2 man shop and we get overwhelmed at times and doing the blog is 3rd on our priority list to do, 1st is the customers cars, 2nd is events, then 3rd is the coverage of the events.  We hope you understand and stay tuned for other events we been to this year.  The order wont be in order but it will be fresh 😉