Such a beautiful day in SENDAI on September 23,2018.  This day marked the 8th year for our good friend Takeshi’s event called KDAY!!

I wish I could just go out there and support his event but for now I have to have our AF Family in Japan go and do the photo coverage.

This coverage is just shots of the roll in and will show case alot of cars that we didnt get to capture during the event.

So with out further a due here is the roll in coverage of KDAY 2018 by Autofashion_SUU



Many Vans showed up to the event but this one caught my eye.  You dont see many of these done up anywhere as much as this one. Well from what I have seen.

This SC400 was imported from the US and we will get back to this one on part 2.  Yes its a 400 V8 power =)

Love seeing Shigeharu Sakuma car… we will show more on part2 =)

Wouldnt be “KDAY!!” with out an impala on a sunday afternoon!!

I can never get tired of seeing this Stanza Wagon.  Its so oddly cool looking hahaha.

I always love me a Integra Type R with a mugen kit… So ill let you guys check out the gallery of all the cars that came and check out Part 2 in the nextr few days it will be posted.

Thanks for checking out our roll in coverage of KDAY by Autofashion_SUU