07 Sep Island Vibe Festival San Diego!

For many years now, Freddie and myself have gone to Hawaii for various reasons. Car shows, vacation, food, relaxation, car shows, food! But, one of the things that we’ve grown to appreciate over the years that stems from hawaiian culture is, hawaiian music. Growing up on a ton of RnB, we feel like hawaiian music is that, RnB that just talks about love between man and woman, without all the sex innuendos and what not that some of the current RnB is all about these days. Just pure RnB that we grew up on. So every chance that we get to go to a music festival or a concert that features hawaiian music artists, we have to go. Thankfully, we have one in our own backyard called Island Vibe Music festival, and it’s amazing.

This year a ton of big named artists within this genre came out to perform and we couldn’t have been happier. The following were all set to perform: KL Noise Makers, Pali Roots, Paula Fuga, Siaose/Jimmy Weeks Project, Jordan T, Spawnbreezie, and the ever so lovely Anuhea. Such a strong and dope lineup that for all those who know of them, would kill to be at this event. The best part is that we get to spend a day relaxing, enjoying the good vibes from all the artists and spending time with the fam.

As each artist took the stage, you could look around and see a majority of the people singing along and definitely having a good time. All the food vendors were on point as well. Providing some hawaiian deliciousness in the form of spam, poke, musubi’s and everything inbetween. I was definitely one of the many full and satisfied people that were in attendance that day. Also, thankfully, Freddie was able to get us backstage passes so that I could take some of the pictures that you see here. There was a moment where I even stepped on stage because hey, I’m taking pictures and all the other photographers got on stage, so i’ll do the same. So I did, felt incredibly awkward and then Anuhea was changing sets with Sammy J and was walking off stage towards the side I was going up. So I got up, huddled into the corner so she could walk down and that was that. Just glad I didn’t trip and fall while up there potentially ruining sets haha.

But overall, we’re very thankful for the organizers of this event as it brings artists we normally wouldn’t get onto a stage and allow us as fans to enjoy their music and have them perform for us. It’s truly something I look forward to every year. It pretty solidifies some of the last times we can relax as SEMA is coming up fast. But yah, if anyone wants to go next year, let us know! We always have tickets available and are guaranteed to go because we love the music oh so much.