15 Aug Inaugural Toyo Shutterspace Meet

Toyo Tires has been a real powerhouse in the car show scene as of late. Huge booths, tons of sponsored cars in their booth and just an overall massive presence. So it was bound to happen that they would throw their own meet. It finally happened at the Randy Higbee Gallery that provided an excellent location for the event as well as held space for Toyo’s #Shutterspace event.

What was #shutterspace you ask? It was part of a contest that Toyo Tires was holding. People were able to submit photo’s of cars on Toyo tires and some of the best ones were printed out and put on display around the gallery. Unfortunately, we have no idea what the prize was or what were the qualifications to enter the contest, but some of the contest photos used that were part of the gallery pretty awesome. Hopefully I can get my skill up to par so I enter contests like these and have prints made of my work.

It was a great meet to come to though. Beautiful location, tons of space for all kinds of dope cars. It was great to drive up that morning in our Prius and just a meet. No booth, no priorities to take care of once we got there. Just a simple meet. Enjoying times with friends, some we haven’t seen in quite a long time, and lots sick cars to look at.

Having the event at a gallery was a nice touch. Because it allowed Toyo to show off 3 really nice cars inside of the studio. On display was a RWB Porsche 993 debut, a Pandem BMW E30 debut and a Porsche BR911 Steve McQueen tribute built by Bisimoto Engineering. Each was amazingly detailed and beautiful to look at.

Super glad we went to the meet as it provided a great morning full of car goodness. Please enjoy the pictures!