21 Jul HKS Tour

There are some things in life that are just tough to put into words. One of those things is our trip to tour the HKS Facility. Growing up in the car community/culture, HKS has always been one of those iconic figures that goes above and beyond most companies. They’ve lasted the years, through the good times and bad, yet still continue to strive to prove that they are the best at what they do. They’ve built some of the most impressive, and iconic, machines to ever hit the track. Whether you’re new to the car culture or old, HKS is name that’s here to stay.

Going through the facilities we were witness to many of the inner workings of HKS. From learning where they test their exhaust tones to even where they build and install most of their parts. It was a very humbling experience that we wear able to bear witness to such an iconic companies processes as we wander from building to building.

Then we walked through the museum where iconic cars from HKS past that represented some of their historical events/races. The museum provided an informative view of everything HKS related. From their first motors all the way to showing F1 cars and the fact that Jackie Chan was even involved with HKS at a moment in time. A truly fascinating look into the history that makes up HKS.

Finally, to end the tour, we got to take a closer look at some of HKS current project cars that they’re bringing out to events… and a couple jet skis. This was my favorite part of the tour honestly. The culmination of years of research and development to finally merge with current technology and produce machines of the utmost quality. That is HKS. The GT-R had me amazed as I circled the entire machine, looking at in depth from every angle just trying my best to understand every little thing about it. From the wheels, to the interior, to the exterior; just pure bliss and perfection.

I truly loved everything about the HKS tour and those are memories that i will keep with me forever. Thank you again to HKS Japan for taking care of us and providing a tour that only few ever get to see. Next time, can we please drive the GT-R? I’d be ever so grateful!

– AFSpecialK