31 Jan Go Tuning Spoon Sports Meet

Spoon Sports is a household brand that many in the Honda/Acura community have grown to love and appreciate over the many many years. Mainly due in part with the fact that Spoon makes a variety of parts for Honda/Acura. So whenever Go Tuning, or shall i say Spoon Sports USA, throws an event/meet, many come out to enjoy the festivities. 

There were a ton of events on this day. Everything was happening all in one day so we tried to attend what we could. There was a track day, a handful of car meets and a couple more things that I can’t remember anymore. But, we decided to show some support and come out to this one at Go Tuning. It gave us a chance to check out some of the Spoon cars they had on display. Along with a meet and greet from Spoons Sports President Tatsuru Ichishima. It was interesting to see him walk around the venue and really take time looking at each of the cars that were there. Even with looking at each and every single car, he also spent time talking with people, to the best of his ability, along with taking pictures and signing autographs. Really just shows how much passion and care he has for the industry and the people involved with it.

We had to leave a little bit early as we had to make our way out towards another meet, but we definitely had a great time at the meet talking with old and new friends and checking out the dope cars. We can’t wait for the next one!

S2000’s, as much as see them around, I can never hate on them. This one, is just perfect the way it is.

The Center Drive civic built by Go Tuning/Spoon Sports USA driven by Dai Yoshihara. There are no words to describe this beast of a vehicle. Its just an amazing machined work of art.

I’ll never truly understand the hard top that’s on this S2000, probably because i’ve never asked, but it’s an insane alternative to the typical hard top you see on S2000’s.