06 May Formula D Long Beach 2017

Formula D once again started off their drift season at it’s opener location of Long Beach. Formula D at Long Beach has always been a fun and exciting getaway from the norm and helps to launch 2 weeks full of car action, as the week after Formula D was the Long Beach Grand Prix. The location and track layout has always been an interesting one for sure and one we’ve been… OK with for the most part.

Once you enter, you’re welcomed by all the title sponsors of the event along with all the rig setups of all drivers and sponsors. It’s a great way to be welcomed to the event. Your eyes and ears immediately rush to all the action that will soon take place and you’re able to see up close your favorite drivers and their cars. It’s really amazing to be able to witness up close all the craziness that goes into fixing, adjusting, dialing in all the cars in a short span of time. Some teams have it easy and have everything ready to go. Even the drivers will sometimes have time to speak to their fans and sign a few autographs. On the other hand, you have other teams feverishly working on their car to make it the best it could possibly be for the upcoming runs and really talking to their team in understanding how to best make use of their time. Its every Formula D fans dream.

Even after enjoying the sights and sounds of the event, waiting for you just across the bridge is the car show. This year, Autocon were the ones throwing the car show side of Formula D.This year, Formula D did switch up some things, which is partially why we didn’t have a booth this year. They moved a majority of the vendors onto the other side of the bridge. Usually, we would be in the mix of vendors that’s near the entrance, but due to changes with the layout, we would’ve been moved to the other side. So for us, we wanted to see how things worked out here compared to the previous years. Tons of booths were there on display along with a hefty amount of cars that were visually appealing to the eyes. Definitely made that side of the event a lot more fun as it gave people more of a reason to go to that side a little bit more.

Such a clean Vlene equipped FR-S. This color definitely brings out the best of the lines.

Now that the wrap is off, i’m loving this car more and more. Just everything about it is perfect. I want.

Even though we’ve probably had more than a handful of Porsches on display at any car show for the past couple years, I still enjoy looking at them. Especially when they’re basically touching the ground while on air like this one.

Still one of our favorite 240’s. Will always love this thing.

Simple and clean. Just how we like it. I still want one of these one day.

This wraps up part 1 of FDLB. Part 2 will be coming up soon enough!