09 May Formula D Long Beach 2017 Part 2

As a whole, we love Formula D. It gives us a chance to interact with people and companies that we don’t regularly get to as we don’t particularly get involved with too much drifting. Just a little bit here and there when it comes to some of the shop project cars. So it’s nice to see which companies are involved with the scene and who we could potentially work with in the future.

But in general, we really do enjoy ourselves at Drift events like this. We are fans of all things motorsports and going to events where cars are pushing boundaries in new ways always impresses us. So it’s a nice change of pace for us where the norm is just us going to car shows/meets. Seeing actual driving, in a way, is definitely good because it also motivates us to get our cars completed so we could potentially do what they do and have fun with them.

One problem I have, is just the fact that the event is split by the track. While on one side, you have all the title sponsors, drivers, driver cars, tire companies supporting many of the drivers, etc, but then you have to cross a bridge to get to the other booths and the car show. It seems a bit more split than necessary, but understood in a way. Only because of the limited space given, sacrifices need to be made and with them adding more of the booths to the car show side, it really made sense because it gave us more of a reason to go there. But, I just wish they didn’t put the booths so close to the track, because talking to them during the actual runs was pretty hard to do often times.

Odi Bakchis running this 240 under the Falken umbrella is a beauty to see. Always loved Falkens classic livery.

The Toyota Corolla iM driven by Aasbo was very interesting. Seemed to look good out there on the track, just definitely a different look/feeling from the years before.

The crowd favorite and winner of FDLB, James Deane’s car was pure awesome in every way.

Tuerck’s Gumout FR-S looking impressive as always.

Sad to see this out so early from competition but we have nothing but love for our friend Dai. I hope they get the issues worked out by the next event so he can dominate!

Being a fellow 240 Rocket Bunny owner, i loved this car on so many levels.

I just have a little gripe with the event. But that doesn’t take away from how amazing the event is as a whole. It definitely starts the season off right and we couldn’t be happier to have FD back in our lives! Hope you enjoyed the coverage.