02 Aug Formula D Long Beach 2016

Formula D is a fun event for us. It brings us to an event that’s far from the norm as far as what we do as a shop. We don’t do drift cars all that often, well except recently. So for us to go to FormulaD is… interesting. Even still, we have supported Formula D for a very long time and will continue to do so for as long as possible because we respect what they do and have, over the years, become friends with many a companies, driver and event organizers.

I do enjoy going with or without having our booth there. Watching some of our favorite drivers compete is thrilling and seeing them push the envelop as far as what they can do with this sport is amazing. The technical aspect of it, as we’ve come to learn a lot about, is astonishing. All the little things of whats involved with a setup goes beyond normal understanding and you really have to sit down and spend hours upon hours of research just to get your feet wet and then the real fun begins. Its definitely not a sport for the feint of heart.

As far as coverage goes… this is a little sparse to say the least. I was only able to really cover the vendor area as I got busy throughout the day. Eventually, i’ll get some media credentials and actually do coverage of the drifting which is probably more important. So for now, enjoy what you see here!