07 Dec Final Round of Formula D 2016

We’ve always been fans and supporters of everything Formula D. They’ve taken good care of us over the years and the least that we can do is show support at their events. We always go to both their Long Beach and Irwindale events every year and try our best to represent. This year was no different and this time we even brought a couple cars!

I was a bit more excited this time around as we were able to bring the S13 out after missing out on a bunch of events. So it definitely put a smile on my face all day long to bring out the car, with the full livery and new wheels, to see everyones response to it. Especially since the last time we were able to bring it out was during SEMA last year. It was overwhelmingly positive and even talked to a couple people about the setup. It just warmed my heart that people were interested enough in it to talk to us about it. I even had an older gentlemen get down on one knee… and pose with the car. He had some troubles doing it, but it was interesting to see him kind of struggle just to have his wife take a picture with the car. So awesome.

Beyond having the S13 at the event, and the joy that brought, we had a good time as always at Formula D. It gave us a chance to interact with friends and companies we don’t normally get to interact with at car shows. On top of that, it gave us more to do that just simply checking out aisle and aisles of car, which definitely isn’t a bad thing but is a nice change of pace. The drifting was intense as always. Out of all the tracks, Irwindale will always be my favorite. It offers that high speed, pure drift action that I love to see. All of that was definitely happening this year and definitely doesn’t disappoint. I just wish I could’ve gotten there sooner to the event to get a media badge/pass/vest so I can get better pictures, but it is what it is. I’ll definitely need to get one going forward.

The car show portion, while a bit small, definitely had some dope cars for many event goers to checkout. There definitely was some cars present that I don’t remember seeing at events beforehand so it was a nice surprise to see them here.

Between all the drift, vendors, car show and general people interaction, we definitely had a good time and will continue to be apart of Formula D for as long as they allow us to be there. So thank you Formula D for always showing us love. Congrats again on amazing season and we hope to see you guys next year!