02 Sep Extreme AutoFest San Diego Part 1

Finally! Finally we get a local show. There used to be so many back in the day in San Diego. Showoff, Hot Import Nights, Extreme AutoFest, etc. They all had a stops at different places in San Diego and it was glorious. Not because it was in our city, a fine one at that, but it gave us “locals” events that we can look forward to consistently every year and show off the best of what we got. Sadly though, those days are gone as we rarely get major shows come by our city as many thing LA is close enough to SD so they can just go to those. But at least we have the ever so awesome Extreme AutoFest to count on to keep the spirit of “local” shows alive.

Thanks to EAF crew we get an amazing show that promotes local businesses that support the car scene as well as some of the best cars from all around SoCal. It’s an amazing event that’s stood the test of time and deserve more credit than whats currently given to them. They provide such a quality event that’s often times, better than some other shows. They provide cars of every genre, tons of vendors, lots of models, and live entertainment from up and coming artists to big name artists you’ve probably heard a couple times. In San Diego, we had the one and only X to Z Xzibit perform live! It’s so dope to watch him perform and that boy still got it. Performed all his classics and the crowd was definitely feeling it.

Still, beyond the music, vendors, models, the main reason many come to Extreme AutoFest is the cars. The sheer variety of cars that come to the event to display is astounding. Look through Part 1 of the gallery and you can really see the quality of some of the cars that were on display. Especially look at the lowriders, they really are some of my favorite builds because the quality is just above and beyond anything else.