06 Jan Extreme Autofest San Diego 2017

With the coverage of Extreme Autofest, we wanted to change it up a bit. Usually I’ll try and get coverage of most of the cars at the event so as to give you, the reader, more to look at. This time, I wanted to just show case those that showed with us during this event. We love when our friends and customers and everything in between take their time to show with us. It means a lot to us. More than I’m sure most people think. I mean in reality, without some of them, we wouldn’t be here. So with that, enjoy the set!

First up is Jay Garcias GT-R. Jay gave us the opportunity to literally put together his entire car. We couldn’t have been prouder to oblige. Putting this together has been an amazing experience for us as it let us do things we don’t normally get to do from time to time. So it was a very humbling and amazing experience. While there were some ups and downs during the process, seeing the end result was well worth it.

Up next is our personal shop car. This has been nothing but a blast to drive and have around. Rocket bunny kit, Battle Aero wing and a LS3 swap. All you need in life to be happy. 

Eden has been a supporter for a very long time. Ever since we got the chance to work on her car, she’s rocked the AF sticker on her car like a champ. We’ve always appreciated it every time she’s tagged us in a post or showed with us at an event. Thanks again for always supporting!

We’ve known Ron for many of years. Ever since his old Subi, he’s showed with us at many of shows. We couldn’t be happier to have him still around and showing with us when he gets the chance.

Another Ron that has been in the car game for a long time. The family life and some other stuff has kept him out but it’s good to seem him again at events with us with his beautiful LS430. 

The ever changing color chameleon Mike Vo and his Black Pearl LS460. Always loved the support he’s given us over the years. Whether it would be in or out of events, Mike has always showed us love

Rilbur is part of our extended Mode Parfume fam. One of first mainland wide body Mode Parfume kitted GS’s. Always glad to have people supporting brands that we support.

Joel has one of the most beautiful Evo’s around. We all get super excited seeing it drive around and park with us at every event he can go to. I hope everyone had a chance to check it out as it’s perfect through and through.

Our very own Elroy and his immaculate Mazda 3 equipped with a J-Unit kit. So amazing in every way.

Armani had come to us originally to get his kit installed. Ever since then, it’s grown into an amazing relationship. We’ve helped with some additional things for him and reps us to the fullest. We couldn’t be happier.

And finally, the USO fam of all lowriders. San Diego has a huge history with lowriders. Extreme AutoFest  is one of the few that embraces all kinds of cars and we took this opportunity to have them show with us. They’re always down to come to shows with us and we appreciate it.

That ends this coverage. Hope you enjoyed!