10 Aug Extreme AutoFest Anaheim Part 2

Most of what needed to be said about Extreme AutoFest was said in Part 1. I think the only thing I missed out on talking about was the fact that not only do you get tons of cars, you also you get a live performance from well known artists such as Warren G, Too Short, etc. What made this Anaheim event even that much better, was that they had the infamous Dj Quik performing live including all his classics we all know.

In general though, in my opinion, more people should come out and support Extreme AutoFest. It’s still a very “true to it’s core” event and deserves more love as they still do it right. We will continue to support them for as long as they’re willing to continue doing events. They are still one of the best and deserve just as much.


One of our oldest customers and not by age just that has been a shop supporter since we opened up the first location on Miralani.  Chris’s Car sitting on some VOLK GT7s and Airrunner suspension got his car sitting nice.  alof of old discontinued parts on his car such as the wheels and not to mention the Hippo Sleek Kit.


Mike came out to the show with its new color.  He has come along way from where he was at and glad to see him at shows.


Yuji’s new GS came out to the event showing with Airrunner.  This is a clean car and It was crazy to see him out at shows without a booth hahaha!