09 Aug Extreme AutoFest Anaheim Part 1

Extreme AutoFest is one of the few remaining shows in Cali that have stood the test of time. We remember going to Extreme AutoFest all the way back to the mid/late 90s! That’s how you know a show is doing everything right. When it can last almost 20 years and not skip a beat.

To many, Extreme AutoFest isn’t as good or it seems like it’s missing something. But to us, that’s far from it. Extreme AutoFest is a truly one of a kind show in that you can go to this event and see all different stylings covered under one umbrella. You have all of the following on display in some way shape or form, JDM, VIP, Euro, DUB, Classic, Race, Drift, Bikes and even Lowriders! You really can’t get all of this anywhere else except for at EAF.

I think that’s what makes EAF so unique. They’re not going for any one set of cars. They want to put on a show that has a little of everything so both show participants and show attendees can get the most out of there time at the show and get a view of all walks of car culture. This is one of the main reasons why we go. We’re car people through and through and seeing and understanding all sides of car culture is what we enjoy. So please, enjoy part 1 and we’ll be right back tomorrow for part 2!