25 Jul Exploring K-Break

K-Break has always been one of the pioneers of VIP culture. Ever since we started getting into VIP culture, they’ve already started paving the way and helping the community grow. We’ve even had some of their kits on some of our cars. It was definitely very rewarding to finally be able to visit the shop that’s built so many cars that we’ve drooled over.

Going to K-Break is definitely rewarding. As soon as you enter, you see all the goodies that have the K-break branding and random assortments of items littered throughout the shop. Its really impressive the amount of branding that they’ve done. Everything from the normal car parts, such as Wheels and Brake Calipers, all the way to the random such as house slippers. It’s interesting to see all the randomness that you can brand as some of the things they had, i don’t think we would ever do

My favorite part about visiting K-Break was the sheer amount of personal items that the owner has in the shop. Evangelion statues, Gundam Statues, Crows/Worst art and even a Louis Vuitton Volleyball hanging at the highest part of the wall. I feel like we could be best friends… he just has the money to buy all the things i wanted. I really wanted the gundams dammit. But at the price they go for, i don’t think i’ll be getting one anytime soon

The best part of their showroom though is that they have space to fit in one car to display in their showroom. Similar to how we have enough space to add a car also. They have they’re K-Break equipped Crown on display, which was also the car that was displayed at TAS. It really is a beautiful car and does well to emanate the classic style of VIP which is just clean and simple without doing too much.

All in all, we really enjoyed visiting K-Break as we’ve always wanted to visit some of the premier VIP shops all throughout Japan. Especially with K-Break being one of the bigger names in the scene. Thank you again to everyone that helped us to get to K-Break and for K-Break themselves for opening up the doors and letting us take pictures of literally everything.