15 Sep Congrats Spocom Hawaii 2016 Winners!

Beyond the ohana, the friends, and fun that Spocom brings us together for, in the end, it’s a car show. What does every car show have in common? Winners! This post is dedicated to each and every single one of you winners that brought your cars out and won a trophy. All your hard work and dedication was definitely appreciated and didn’t go unnoticed as you walked away with the infamous Spocom trophies held proudly in your hands. Congratulations to each and every one of you!!

3 of the 4 judges on stage during the award ceremonies. AutoFashions very own Freedie, Rywire himself Ryan and the infamous Big Mike. The only one missing that was part of the judging panel from this pic is Paul. 4 judges doing the entire venue was hard work for them but they got it done in the end!

Chris, owner of the almost full carbon fiber Supra, with baby in hand, accepting his award on stage. Congratulations and definitely well deserved.

Mr. Old School Imports Hawaii himself, Tommy Dolo! Him and his crew pratically brought in a majority of the Old School cars you’ve seen throughout the coverage. And of course in doing so, took home a bunch of trophies for their efforts. Definitely well deserved.

If you don’t know Lance and his immaculate TE27 Mango, then you need to do some research. He owns one of the most beautiful Mangos you’ll ever see. Everything about that car has been restored from the ground up and the love and passion for that car really shows. Congrats again as you definitely deserve every award you get.

Last but not least, congrats to the entire SMG crew out of Hawaii. They deserved this award hands down. From the sheer amount of cars that were present down to the family vibe they give of. It seems like it’s more than a car club to many of them and more like a second home and second family.

Congratulations to all the winners once again!