Sushi Huku, not just any Japanese Restaurant

March 5, 2009 by Special K


Being local to San Diego and just a hop, skip and a jump away from LA, we’re lucky enough to have an eclectic amount of food either north or south from us. You can literally have ANY type of food just a couple miles from each other. But on this very day, we decided to go and get some sushi. Located in San Marcos, Sushi Huku has an atmosphere like no other. You walk in there and the first thing that hits those ear drums is the melodic sound of Reggae. The sushi chefs that fill the restaurant welcome you and it feels care free and you know you’re in for a good time. AutoFashion, Big Steve, myself, along with a couple others, decided to go for the all you can eat sushi, which any one of us could tell you, is beyond worth it.

It’s a typical way of ordering for sushi around here, you fill out a sheet and just chit chat, drink some sake or soju and wait until the food comes out. The moment it comes out though, you’re just blown away as to how much these people actually provide you. It’s not thin strips of fish, it’s nice big chunks of food, able to bring any big eater down for the count. Everything is delicious, from the typical California rolls to their Hawaiian and Albacore rolls, everything is top notch deliciousness.

It’s a friendly establishment as the chefs always joke around with customers and you feel a part of what they have to offer. Not only because of the price that makes you wanting for more, it’s because they make you a part of the family and you’re always guaranteed a fantastic time.

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