November 10, 2011 by autofashion

During out week out in Vegas for SEMA we decided to have our waddup wednesday meets in Vegas.  With the Help of Glen and the Vegas guys it turned out to be as dope as it is here in SD.   I really want to thank everyone that came out and all that help pull everyone together.  The VIP scene is growing and we all need to stick together and make thing happen though out this time.   Glen even got a Food truck to come out and serve some philippino dishes and snacks.  I got to walk around and meet a few guys and sorry if i forget your names but its hard to remember so many.  Alot of the people I saw out there were also people I have met or chilled with before like the guys from Squad one and of course goofy Oscar.  Since there was such a good turn out in vegas for this I think we will be doing it again but next year we going to bring the rides for sure!!!!  We didnt get alot of pics because well my bro didnt have his camera and we had a small point and shoot.  He was thinking that he needed to take pics of each car when he should of been taking pics of the whole thing as a whole with all the cars in the lot but oh well here are some snap shots of certain cars that he got.  Im sure there is better coverage somewhere hahaha.


Now this car is something different that we didnt think to see out in Vegas.  Cant wait to see the finish product of this President.


Everytime I see this car it makes me want a BMW.  I love the whole over all look to this ride!! Good job!


Here is the car that belong to the man that help put this thing together!  The paint isnt messed up and doesnt look like that its just bad lighting from the tree and when the pic was taken.  Good job Glen!!!!

You can check out all the other pics and I know you dont get the whole experience so I say be out there next year so you can see for yourself!!!!






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