May 7, 2012 by autofashion

Another Super Sunday has come and gone!  Super Sunday was brought to you by KILLER SCOOTERS.  They are one of the top shops to get things done for all your scooter needs, from parts to even a dyno you cant go wrong when it comes to killer scooters.  With the growing community of the honda ruckus and all the other shops coming together such as STANDARD FUNCTIONS, BOWLS, RUCKSTERS, and More.  The start off of SuperSunday for us was @ STANDARD FUNCTIONS.  MING, KEVIN, and JIMMY always shows us AUTOFASHION guys the most hospitality and welcomed us into their home.  We are still new to the whole ruckus scene and we just doing things for the fun of it and these guys got things on lock!

Super Sunday is growing bigger and bigger to the point where its just crazy to have 200+ bikes on the road all at one time.  It was good seeing familiar faces from customers to just people on TOTAL RUCKUS.  The crazy thing was I wasnt expecting to see the guys from Hawaii or NY!  It was good seeing Jay at Makoa scooters and some of the 808 guys.  I dont know anyone and I heard HIGRADE was out there and WRENCHWORKS but didnt get to say MAHALO!  Maybe next time when we get to HAWAII CON2013 =)

As some of you may know or follow us on Facebook,twitter, or Instagram we been posting up our build of “SNOWFLAKE”.  She came out really good and rode like a champ!  For something that was rushed and put together quick she didnt have any issues *knocks on wood* She came out really dope and was happy with the way she came out.  Staytuned for her change in the future.

While we were working on Snowflake…Nimbus was being worked on also.  She is a pearl white bike with Bling.  Alot of people got confused because 2 white bikes came out with us and people didnt know which one was which hahaha.

This is Nimbus…The owner is Ryan he works at the shop and well this is another last min build and I mean really last min just finished her up on saturday morning around 4am.  Even then this bike had a few issues but it made the whole ride from start to finish and back to Standard Functions to load her up.  Not bad for car shop guys putting together some Scooters hahaha.  None of this could of been possible without STANDARD FUNCTIONS(MING,KEVIN,and JIMMY) and PART SHOP MAX (DAN and MARTIN).  Thanks guys for all the help and support!

The most interesting bike that caught our eye and ears was the TURBO bike from STANDARD FUNCTIONS.  This thing sounded so amazing and performed like no other.  If you ever have a chance look up videos or check out their build on their blog.  This thing was so sick!!!

Another Bike that I personally liked this year was the MPAB ruckus.  He got alot of stuff redone and this thing looked so sick!!  GOOD JOB GUYS!!!!!!

With this said we had a great time and will be back for more rides!!!  Cant wait till Hawaii Con and for sure we will be there for sure!!!!


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