September 23, 2011 by autofashion

Another year has past and one of our most anticipated shows to be at was SPOCOM.  This year we didnt have much to display but the cars that display with us came out and showed what Autofashion is about.  Dennis’s M45 FUGA was looking clean that day even for a long drive up from San Diego and also sitting in the parking lot from 8:30am to 1:30pm.  I wont get into how the show went and what not.  Im just going to put up coverage that special K took and lets enjoy the cars.

Here is Miguel showing off his dope ride.  This is one of those cars that get overseen by many that dont know what it is or never seen it.  Keep an eye out for this one!  This is one guy that has alot of tricks up his sleeve hahaha!

Now here is Oscar aka Pancakes! Q45.  This is a classic look for a classy car and if you see him when hes on his off time at the waddup wednesday meets his swag is even classy.  More to come on this car because there are things in the works so everyone ” DONT CALL IT A COME BACK! WE BEEN HERE FOR YEARS!!!!

Yes Autofashion had a line up of Infiniti’s!  Everyone asked “What happen to all the Lexus’s?”  They either sold or being worked on or the ” You guys focusing on Ruckus’s?”  Let it be known we are a custom boutique shop that works on all types, makes, and models…4 wheel or 2 it doesnt matter we love creating things that keep this industry going!  Foreign or Domestic Autofashion has a look for you!

Ok enough said and let the pictures do the talkin!

Thanks, Freddie








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  • 1 Heaven Dec 15, 2011 at 1:03 pm

    This is both street smart and itneillgent.