May 8, 2012 by autofashion

On April 7th,2012 was the start of Formula D round 1.  This year we were on the vendor/pit side of  Formula D and not the show side.  We got alot of attention on this side of the track and will probably be on this side for future events if we could.  Thanks to Formula D staff for taking care of us and showing a small company like ours the same accommodations as they would the big corporate companies.

What more to say about formula D but that it was sold out and yes sold out and was packed with all types of people that came out to enjoy a motorsports event.  If you didnt have a chance to enjoy Long Beach then we would suggest going to the one near you!

We at AUTOFASHION appreciate all the love we get from our customers and our good friends.  In this segment we will be showing you the cars that had our stickers on their cars and those that showed us the love!

This is Rey from Royal Flush.  His car came along way and we love that he shows AUTOFASHION love by having a window banner.  He is one of the coolest guys I met in the scene and we would love to thank you Rey for the support at shows!!!

The owner of this y34 is Miguel.  He is another part of the Autofashion Fam that shows alot of dedication and appreciates the cars shows.  Hes not out there to win just show his support for AUTOFASHION and the work he has done to his ride!!  Always looking FRESH Miguel!

The owner of  SLAMMERAI (Yes like Samurai) is Chris.  I didnt know Chris for a long time but hes really good peeps.  Hes the type of guy that will help others before he helps himself and then doesnt bother for the credit but just wants a thanks once in awhile and Chris Thanks for the AUTOFASHION support.  His XB has come a long way since I met him and it may look stock to alot of preople but there is JAPAN in that damn thing hahaha inside joke sorry.   Thanks Again Chris!

This beauty is owned by John.  I known him since we was young and dumb.  He is the founder of  VSC and is a good friend.  A little history is that this is the guy that brought Junction Produce to the states and been doing it for a long long time.  People tend to forget who paved the way but the true VIP guys know and we are grass roots people!  Thanks again John for the support!!!!

This is Ojay’s ride.  Alot of people might not get it.  Alot of people probably wont like the style of it.  But if you really know about this model of VIP car then you would know why it looks like this.  This is what they looked like before there was a Junction Produce when there was only certain companies like Insurance-Group were born and also started people off into making their own companies like Junction Produce.  We dont have to get into a whole history of it but if you know you would appreciate the style that Ojay is going.   Thanks Ojay for the support for the shop.


There is alot of people that support the shop and show it.  Then there is people that use to show support and then forget to even show any love.  Its ok we are happy with the ones that do and the ones that know that some of us have to make a living in what we do and its not just about hook ups or freebees!  Thanks again to those that still support us till this day!

We are going to end this with the bad asses of DRIFT!!  Props to Ross and Frank at BOSO Garage for everything you did for this industry and this commuity!!!


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