November 8, 2011 by autofashion

Damn can you believe its Festival 5?  Autofashion has been here for 7 years and keep on going strong with the help of the people that come to this event and support the shop.  Without the loyalty and dedication to VIP there would not be a scene.  Through out the years it has lost its strive and wants from the public.  But here at the Festival it showed that its coming back stronger then ever!!!  We at AUTOFASHION would like to thank everyone that made it out to the event. We would like to thank everyone that came out to the VIP Festival. Even though there was a little rain not only did 150 cars show up and stayed. At one point cars would leave and more would come. Dedication is what I saw with the event even when it came down people stayed. Thanks again to those that came and those that stayed. Cant wait till next year! This showed that everyone that came that the weather CANT STOP WONT STOP the love we have for the festival and the whole VIP movement!!!! THANKS EVERYONE!!!

Here is one of the project that we couldnt finish due to the rush of SEMA and other things going on at the shop.  Alot of people asked about this car and well it has alot more then just what you see!!!!  We havent really got a chance to debut it correctly but you will see it at the upcoming show with alot more then what you see here!!!  STAY TUNED Because your not going to miss out on this one!!!

Blitz came out with full force this VIP Festival and set the Bar of this year.  He just got it done and we thought he wasnt going to make it but he got it done in time to be here.  Thanks Tony the ride is looking sick!

I would like to give thanks to Kevin and Chris for always showing support for AUTOFASHION.  Even through all the BS and what not alot of people like to talk we still keep in touch and respect each other as individuals and not listen to all the hype or BS that everyone is talking.  Thanks guys for coming out and supporting!!!

Now this car for the first year for the VIP Fest made it up the driveway without a burnout hahaha!  Josh’s car is so dope. Yes it looks plain because it doesnt have a kit but have any of you even looked closely to that car?  There is more detail in that car that make it more then just plain but VIP!  If you ever get a chance to see this car not in the rain you can appreciate all the detail that went into this build and Ill tell you there is more then you know…

Jin made the trip out to SD right after SEMA and Im glad he came out to the event.  We chopped it up a little and his build this year from last year was a big and I mean big transformation!!! Im sure your going to see alot of this car!

There are more great shots that I would like to let them speak for them selves and well here it is.  This ends another Chapter in the VIP Festival 5 and we cant wait till 6!  Be ready!!!!!!!





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