November 9, 2010 by autofashion

On November 7th,2010 We held out annual VIP Festival.  Through out the years we had a great turn out.  Last year didnt seem like so much but it was mostly VIP cars.  This year we decided to throw them all in there VIP, Sport, Race, American Muscle, and Vendors. This year was another successful event with the amount of time and the lack or rest due to the SEMA show and cars that needed to be worked on.  Everything went according to plan and that everyone respected the laws and the event.   I wish people would of picked up their trash but thats another story.  I would like to thank everyone that came out to the event.  Lets go on to the pictures…

Besides James Cherrys van this one is also one of my favorates!  It was so clean and I loved how it looked.  The whole day made me want to get a VAN now!!!!

B” is the owner of this clean LS400.  He came from Sac and that it was the first time meeting him.  I always got a few words with him on VSC but to see and meet him in person was the shit.  I loved the stance and the wheels fitment!!!  Its not all about CAMBER!!!!

Chris is the type of guy that you wish everyone was like.  Wheels after wheels after wheels and to get a nice stance like this and the color combo of the wheels is dope!  Chris your fitment is on point now!!!! Next will we see a kit and paint?!?!?!!

When you talk about going out the box this GS did it.  With the drastic color change and nice choice of wheels he set the bar for all other GS that hasnt stepped up to this level.  I remember it with color matched visors before and I think it looked cleaner with those.  Good job!

Even though there was a few cars in the front the parking lot across the street had some sick rides in there.  One of the cars was Chrispy’s White GS!  I didnt get to talk much with him but if you had a chance to talk to him and check out his ride that is one guy that drives his car everywhere and is everywhere and that is mad props to him!!!!

I hope everyone had a chance to check out all the rides because there was some sick rides out that day.  People came with their game faces on and showed like it was a car show but all came together as a meet and enjoyed all the VIP Festival had to offer!

Thanks Again to everyone that came and thanks to all our sponsors for helping out this year and hope to have next years bigger and better!!!!!

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  • 1 poges Nov 15, 2010 at 12:19 pm

    the last picture in this album is my favorite. hahah. fml