Back to back shows Saturday was The Infamous show and then Sunday was Motor Union.  Motor Union is a good event.  BEER + CAR = Fun right?  The crowd was different because it had a whole lot of variety.  The good about Motor Union was that it was a DOPE event run by some dope people.  The Variety of people and cars was also a plus.

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Infamous show in long beach was to us a great event.  Everything went smooth and Mark and his staff were great people to work with as far as set up went.  I think out of all the event that Fatlace/illest/Hellaflush does I really like this one.  Even though it was hot it wasnt as bad since it was in Long Beach with the breeze. Click here to continue reading… »


Spocom 2012!  We didnt think we would be doing this show again due to the fact of issues last time we came.  To be honest Trisha, Romel, and Paul did an excellent job this time around.  There were small issues but hey …..What show doesnt.  This event went smoothly.   Click here to continue reading… »


What can I say about Motion?  All I can say is that this event is still a favorite of ours.  This show may not be all the hype or crazy loud events like everything else but it seems way more professional and straight to the point.  This show still reminds me of that show back in the days that was like a mini sema called IMPORT AUTO SALON.   Click here to continue reading… »

TORC 2012

Torc 2012 at the Queen Mary in long beach once again!  What can you really say about TORC?  Its a free event for all spectators.  This event isnt like every event this is where all the best of the best TOYOTAs come out to play and show off their skills and passion for restoring and building these bad boys.  If you missed it this year, you dont want to miss it next year.  These are the same people that bring over JCCS (Japanese Classic Car Show)but this is a TOYOTA event only.  IF you dont know what TORC stands for it is TOYOTA OWNDERS RESTORATION CLUB.  Top notch event with top notch cars.  From old to new this is the event you would want to go to for generations of all types of toyota and lexus vehicles. Click here to continue reading… »


On April 7th,2012 was the start of Formula D round 1.  This year we were on the vendor/pit side of  Formula D and not the show side.  We got alot of attention on this side of the track and will probably be on this side for future events if we could.  Thanks to Formula D staff for taking care of us and showing a small company like ours the same accommodations as they would the big corporate companies.
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Another Super Sunday has come and gone!  Super Sunday was brought to you by KILLER SCOOTERS.  They are one of the top shops to get things done for all your scooter needs, from parts to even a dyno you cant go wrong when it comes to killer scooters.  With the growing community of the honda ruckus and all the other shops coming together such as STANDARD FUNCTIONS, BOWLS, RUCKSTERS, and More.   Click here to continue reading… »



Not much to say but it was a great event!  Everyone that had the dopest rides came out!!!  You saw people with Bugatti’s and even the guys from Heavy Hitters/ MFest were there!  We didnt get to finish the whole thing but got the beginning at HRE located in Vista down in San Diego!!!  We will let the pictures do the talking and what our take on TARGA TROPHY is.  Next year we should be bringing some of the AUTOFASHION cars out and just come and hang out!   Click here to continue reading… »



Another trip that Autofashion made out this year for Wekfest.  The last time we went was 2 years ago and even then it was a dope trip!  This year was even better then last time we went only because we got to do alot more things before the show.   Click here to continue reading… »


During out week out in Vegas for SEMA we decided to have our waddup wednesday meets in Vegas.  With the Help of Glen and the Vegas guys it turned out to be as dope as it is here in SD.   I really want to thank everyone that came out and all that help pull everyone together.  The VIP scene is growing and we all need to stick together and make thing happen though out this time.   Glen even got a Food truck to come out and serve some philippino dishes and snacks.  I got to walk around and meet a few guys and sorry if i forget your names but its hard to remember so many.  Alot of the people I saw out there were also people I have met or chilled with before like the guys from Squad one and of course goofy Oscar.  Since there was such a good turn out in vegas for this I think we will be doing it again but next year we going to bring the rides for sure!!!!  We didnt get alot of pics because well my bro didnt have his camera and we had a small point and shoot.  He was thinking that he needed to take pics of each car when he should of been taking pics of the whole thing as a whole with all the cars in the lot but oh well here are some snap shots of certain cars that he got.  Im sure there is better coverage somewhere hahaha. Click here to continue reading… »