Special K’s Pre-Bday Bash at the WaveHouse!

August 10, 2010 by autofashion

On Aug 7th,2010  We celebrated Kevin’s Pre Bday at the wave house.   Even though we not blood.  He is my little brother that I never had and as a older brother I have to spoil him because hes the best little brother anyone can have.   It goes to show that through out the years alot of people adapted him as a little brother as well.


As some of you would know we always go out and do something fun for his birthday.  He has been a Knight at Medieval Times…Then a Pirate at the Pirate Adventures!  This year we decided to do something we all never done and that is go to the Wave House in San Diego.  As long as we all known each other we all never been to the beach all together besides Venice Beach but that was for bike riding.


As some of you know when we celebrate we go all out!  You only live once and being around the people you trust the most we got FUCKED UP!  Yes I said it hahaha.   Drinks came like it was no tomorrow and it felt like it was his 21st Birthday.  Yes this is how we do it and how we celebrate our birthdays.  Live life to live life!  So from drinks to Flowriding…


Throughout the time we were there all I saw was smiles.  Everyone loved being there and that they want to do it again!  It was a fun time as always with the fam.  It would not have been possible with out the birthday boy himself.  But after the Wave House we ended up eating dinner on his behalf since he was knocked out after all that.  Im sure there will be after math pictures of the birthday boy and here is one hahaha….

Thanks to everyone that came out and enjoyed a great day!  No clouds in the sky and it was just a perfect time with the family!  Enjoy the pictures….Till next time!

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