Boss Man’s Pre-Bday Bash in Vegas!

July 15, 2010 by Special K

As a yearly tradition, every time it’s Freddie’s birthday, on or just about, we head to Vegas to celebrate his bday in style. I’ll be honest, it never gets old. Especially when you do something we normally don’t do when we head out there… relax. Yes, that’s right. We didn’t go and cruise the strip all that much. Run around town trying to figure out what to do. We woke up early and just, relaxed. Something you’re supposed to do on vacation. prebday-4

So what we did, was go to the pool at the Palazzo, where we stayed for the weekend. We woke up early, with the sun shining, bringing us that 108+ degree weather and enjoyed a nice and relaxed morning/afternoon poolside. Tried to tan a little bit, farmers/sock tans are a bitch and just enjoyed ourselves. A couple drinks on the side helped just a little bit as well. It really was the first time doing that and it was a nice change of pace from the normal grind.


This section is a little bit for myself. The big fighting game tournament was being held @ Ceasers Palace that weekend, Evo 2010. I kind of wanted to go, but being there for Freddie and enjoying his bday was more important. I just wanted to give a big congrats to the SSF4 Beast himself, Daigo Umehara, one of, if not the BEST SF player that just beast modes on everyone. That is all.


Our last stop on the way home was of course, the infamous Alien Jerky stop off of Baker. Besides it being kind of quirky with the whole “Alien” theme, they do have some damn good jerky. We even paid a dollar to see a spaceship talk… it was supposed to blow steam and a door would open, but not for us *sad face* It was a nice stop to just check it out and see what it was all about. We bought jerky and some drinks and continued on our way.


Friends and family partook in our relaxing weekend and we thank you all. Without any of you guys, it just wouldn’t have made this possible or as good as it was. It was a blast to just relax and enjoy each others company and not have to worry about the craziness that vegas can bring. Now with that relaxing weekend, Spocom is right around the corner. More Roscoes and more patron shots are in our future… and of course the show. Long Beach, see you again soon!

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