March 6, 2010 by autofashion

Day 2 of our trip to Norcal for the annual WEKFEST MEET.  After knocking out after 16 bottles of Soju from the Korean food place we all decided to make saturday the day we do the tourist crap.  We all decided to wake up early and meet up at the lobby of the Kabuki hotel to get some breakfast.  Little did we know, we dont know where to get breakfast hahaha.  So as I wake up I get a text from a good friend Dennis Chen(aka VIPUCF).  He was nice to invite us to lunch around 12 to 12:30 at pier 29.  As you can see we actually came up deep even though we didnt show all the cars.  The AF Fam always down to support each other.  Pier 29 was a nice place to get away from the city with a nice view of the bay.  The food was great!!!! The drinks at 1pm were the shit!!!!!!!  Shots of Patron all afternoon!!!! We had shots at the table and at the bar.  Thanks to Dennis for knowing people we got bottle service of Patron and man that was early to get drunk but oh well we on vacations hahaha.  The whole lunch consisted of Autofashion, Falken Tire, and Airruner.  Also Present was Dennis and James from VSC. Sorry im bad with names but also 2 guys Dennis was with.  After eating some of  the fam went near the water to take pictures and well some of them were pretty funny as you will see in the album.

After all the picture taking.  We all decided to go to the bay park with Dennis.  When we got there OMG what a view from the park.  It was a nice place to be.  It look like a nice place to have a meet(hint hint).  Also a great place to BBQ it up!!!  After losing part of our crew we waited to try to meet up with them at the Fisherman’s Wharf.

We got calls and started our way to the Wharf.  As we get to the wharf and walking the boardwalk the girls wanted to go to no other then the Ghirardelli square.  Everyone got there sweets and ice cream.  It was a great time just going around.   As we sat there I totally forgot the time and missed a homie BIGMIKEs Bday dinner which was from 3:30 to 5pm.  Early ass dinner!!! Sorry Mike Happy Bday sorry we didnt make it!

So after the Wharf we wanted to check out more places.  Thanks to Never Lost(BS by the way).  We ended up going to Lombard street(twisty ass street).  After that small ass tourist attraction we saw this white lighted up tower.  not knowing what it was we said fuck it lets go there.

As we go to the light hahaha.  It was called Coit Tower.  One of the best views of the city at night.   This is a nice place to be to see the city or any of the bridges.  The only bad thing is that someone forget to cut the tress so we can actually see shit hahaha.  So after a couple of hours we got hungry.  Mike D and Prashant met up with up with us at the tower and suggested to go to a Thai place to eat called OSHA THAI on 2nd and Market.

Once we get to Osha we met up with John of VIP style to have a interesting dinner.   The place was really nice looking and fancy.  With the looks the food was fancy plated and had very good presentation.  This place was good and would go back to this place again.  I think all the places we ate was the shit.   But meeting up with John, Mike D, and Prashant was a great part of the night.  These guys know how to show Autofashion some sick spots.  THANK YOU GUYS!!!!!!

After getting drunk again hahaha.  we decided to go back to the hotel and sleep because we have to get up at 6am to roll in the rides for the show. so stay tuned for Day 3 of the Show and the trip back to LA and SD!!!!!!

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  • 1 Pancakes! Mar 8, 2010 at 7:01 am

    Damn, I wish I could have went :(
    Next big event/trip I’m defintely doin what I can to make it!