January 13, 2010 by autofashion

As some of you know The Autoashion Family Holds a Christmas party every year.  This year we did it a little different.  We had a lot of things like Christmas trees, Ugly Christmas Sweaters, Santa, Gifts, Games, food, alcohol, and even a guest appearance from “FROSTY THE SNOW MAN”(HAHAHA).

Lets start off with the Food.   We had everything that you can think of such as Turkey, Stuffing, Deviled eggs, Deserts, Roast, Noodles, and Ham.   With all the food came everyone that helped and pitched in and made food for this occasion.  Lets thank everyone Joe, Vanessa, Robert, Yuri, Joyce, Steve, Linda, Kevin, Bobby, Kenny, Oscar, Augg, Dennis, Lisa, Gene, Nate,  and everyone else I forgot sorry.

After the food this is one of those times that we can blame it on the Alcohol!!!!  Lets thank Patrone (Costco size), Kirkland, Grey Goose, Sake, and the mother effer Henny.  For some of us it was a ruff night to get over.  Some of us we just couldn’t remember too much after finishing 3 bottles of Goose, 1 big ass bottle of Patron,  2 bottles of Sake, 1 tall bottle of Kirkland Vodka,  and that fool Henny hahaha.  This was one night to remember for sure.   We had throw up everywhere, Frosty the Snow man had melted HAHAHA, and a few other things happen just so much!!!!   Sorry for the mess Joe and Vanessa.  Hope the Cleaners didn’t hate you too much hahaha!!!

All in all it was a great night.  All of the Autofashion Family showed up!!!!  As you can see this was an UGLY Christmas sweater party.   We had a competition on who had the ugliest sweater and everyone paid $10 bucks to give to the winner.  It was a hard decision but Joe came out as the winner.  There was some really ugly sweaters that came out that night and oh my god it looked like Christmas threw up.  After the contest we did the white elephant gift exchange with everyone.  This wasn’t your ordinary white elephant.  Everyone had to take a shot to get a gift and if you stole from someone you would have to take 2 shots.  So you can imagine how many people got messed up just by this alone hahaha.  There was great gifts out there and a lot of stealing happened and a lot of drinking.

The next day we always get back together to grab breakfast.  This year was a little hard for people to get up but managed to make it out.   Last year we went to olive garden.  This year we ended up at IHOP.  It was one of the best times of 2009 for us and will never forget it.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!!!!  Im sure the pictures will tell you most of the story.  Thanks everyone who came out and thanks to the Autofashion Family for another mark in history!!!!

Thanks– Freddie

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  • 1 Officer Dangle Jan 13, 2010 at 2:06 pm

    Good times!! Im glad we all had fun even though some of us melted..hahah