12 Oct Big SoCal Euro 2016!!

The euro scene has quite an eclectic group of individuals. Each owner, building and designing their car in what they believe is the best/most interesting way to build it. This isn’t any more evident at an event than at Big SoCal Euro. All euro enthusiasts, whether they be BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc., are all fully embraced as this event shuns no Euro enthusiast no way no how. That’s what makes this event exciting to go to year after year. The quality of cars just keeps rising and the support from the event organizers rises right there with them. So if you decided not to go to Big SoCal Euro this year, you definitely missed out.

Simple booth setups are always make events easy going. Thank you to everyone who came by to check us out!

Our friends Mercedes E-Class on display in our booth. So pretty sitting on some Airrex suspension.

We truly love coming to Big SoCal Euro. Besides being in our lovely home town of San Diego as a huge plus, it truly offers something slightly different than other shows. You can tell just by rolling into the event or speaking to any of the organizers, they truly love and embrace everything they’re doing and love every minute of it. It speaks volumes for the event when everything about it just clicks. Vendors are happy. Organizers are happy. Event participants are happy. All that together makes for an awesome day of cars and fun.

#WGNLYFE all up in the show. Danny’s wagon looking better and better everytime we see it.

Sometimes old school is best school. It’s just so majestic.

The passion and love for Euros is a step above any other and it really showed at this event. We’re truly thankful to be a part of it. We may not have any euro cars at the moment but we can still appreciate everything about it. Congrats to the folks at Big SoCal Euro for putting together a successful event and we can’t wait until the next one!

Twin Turbo goodness making you go ooohhhweeeee

There was a point in time where we almost got the new R32’s. Seeing ones like this makes me regret that we never did get one.

Savannah in all her M3 Widebody glory. Shoutout to our buddy Soofy and the whole crew from Euroklasse for ripping hard at SoCal Euro

This Mercedes just looked to good to me. Sitting on HRE’s just made it look perfect.