10 Nov AutoFashion VIPFest Twelve

First and foremost, on behalf of everyone at AutoFashion, we all just want to say thank you. Thank you to everyone that came out and spent a lovely Sunday with us. Thank you to everyone who came from far and wide. Thank you for making roll-in super smooth for all of us. Thank you to all those that survived a solid week of cars at SEMA and still spent the day with us being surrounded by more cars and car shenanigans. We are thankful for the constant support and it definitely showed this year as we felt like this was our biggest and best year thus far!

With that out of the way, cause honestly we really are thankful for those that come to VIPFest year in and year out, I’m still in awe that this is our 12th year doing this event. What started out as mainly just a VIP only meet, as there was a lack of support for the VIP scene back then, has grown into something larger than we could’ve imagined.  Every year, the support and people that want to be part of the event has grown. Everyone is definitely making it harder and harder for us, as we have to turn away so many in respect of the space we have allotted. We are always asked if we want to move into a larger venue to accommodate the masses, but truth be told, we like the atmosphere we have at Green Flash. In reality, what better way to end a hard week, than to enjoy it at a brewery amongst friends and family.

It’s always kind of interesting for us when we throw this event. Only because for some, this is the only event all year long that people get to see each other, or that we get to see some of our friends and fam as well. When I hear or even when people tell us, “yah man, it’s only at your event that I get to see people I haven’t seen for years!” or “Man, this is the only event where we get to see each other and spend some quality time with each other.” it truly warms our hearts. At the end of the day, we want to throw an event for everyone. We aren’t trying to be the biggest and best show on the planet. We just to want to provide an event that’s fun for everyone and can provide a very relaxed environment for everyone to just kick back and enjoy one’s time with those of similar mindsets. I truly feel like we’re accomplishing that year after year.

On the subject of cars that are in attendance, I do hope that people are understanding when we have to deny cars or put them on a waiting list. If it were up to us and we had infinite space, we’d let everyone in and have a mega event for the masses. Unfortunately, the lot can only fit so many. But we do try and provide variety with who we’re selecting and try our best to make sure we put thought into who we let in. Like I said earlier, this started out as a solely VIP car event. But over the past couple years of it growing, we let in all makes/models/style/etc to take part in the event. Only because it’s more about everyone more so than just a specific style. We like to keep interesting for everyone so people keep coming year after year. We also super appreciate people when they choose our event to make debuts. For example, Wes from Squad One all the way out in Vegas. They’ve been working on the car since the beginning of the year, only to debut it at our event of all places. And boy did people love it. We felt like it was THE most talked about car that people haven’t seen yet. It just provided something refreshing that many others didn’t think of ever doing and it flowed oh so well. But it’s also amazing to see SEMA builds in attendance every year. From the Porsches that were in attendance that came straight from SEMA, the Motul one and the Sunburst one, to the S2K that was a featured vehicle for R1 Concepts, it was an honor to host them all.

Just to end this before I decide to write a novel and people lose interest, one last Thank you. You’re all amazing to us and we hope you enjoy the pics! Sorry if I didnt get your car. I literally had one hour before the sun went down and I tried my best to get everything possible.