16 Mar AutoFashion USA VIPFEST Japan – Part 6

This makes our last and final entry for this years VIPFEST Japan. I want to end this with a final thank you to everyone who has made this possible for us. Everyone from the US side and Japan, Thank You. It really means so much to Freddie and I that you all are interested to attend our event and made it as awesome as we had hoped. To think that we’ve gone this far with VIPFEST. We’ve always wanted VIPFEST to just be a meet that everyone can hang out and chill at and enjoy VIP cars, now all kinds of cars, in one location. Now that this has gone international, we now need to make every year better than the previous. How that happens, only time will tell. But we do promise to make it as amazing as we possibly can and don’t intend on stopping anytime soon!

Such a fine example of when JDM goes USDM. That reversal never looked so good on a TSX Wagon!

The lines, bodywork, color, everything about the “aventicrown” was so dope. Such good work from our friends at Garage Excellence Japan!

One of my many bucket list items checked off. Love seeing this styling in japan. Now I want more!

The beauty that is Aimgain quality. Everything about this GT-R was perfect.

Thank you MTP Japan! One of the many vendors that were on display at the event.

Shout out to Shine Motor Japan as well! Thank you being at the event and provide two amazing cars for display!

Acticare has done a lot for us during our times in Japan. Thank you as well for everything!

Slight camber is a-ok. Anything more and i start questioning why. But this is just perfect on this LS430

Always have to show Falken love no matter where we go. Thank you for the many years of support in everything we do Falken Tire!

To wrap it all up, just a few of the many winners! You all deserve it and I truly hope you enjoyed our event.

Like I said, this wraps up the final story for VIPFEST Japan. I hope you enjoyed the pictures from Suu and I as we tried to cover as much of the event as possible through our eyes. Also, before I forget, one final THANK YOU!