15 Mar AutoFashion USA VIPFEST Japan – Part 5– Through the eyes of Suu

As with the previous Through the eyes, I do want to give a big thank you to Suu. He not only did coverage for VIPFEST but he was a huge help in the morning during setup. He came extra early, before we ourselves even got to the venue, ready to go and help in any way he can. It helped as we could always use more people to handle various parts of roll in and the more the merrier if I do say so myself. Even throughout the day, he was helping at the booth, helping to do giveaways and just helping in any way possible. I truly do thank him for everything that he’s done for us during the event.

A final congratulations to all the winners and at VIPFEST Japan. We thank every single one of you for being at the event and celebrating our first VIPFEST with us. Also a big thank you to everyone who entered and displayed their vehicle. Without any of you, we wouldn’t have had as huge a success as we did! 

I’m not going to clutter up this post with extra words and let the pictures do the talking. I probably can’t say enough, but thank you to Suu for everything. We welcome you with open arms to the AF family and hope to see more from you soon!

When freebies are given out, the world all reacts the same and swarm to get the goodies. Like a moth to a flame, they came quick!

Hate it or love it, the new Emitz are here and a TON of cars are rocking em out in Japan. We’ve seen many VIPCARS and many Vans using em.

Thank you again to Mode Perfume for displaying their dope cars at VIPFEST!

Also a big thank you to Work Wheels for coming out as well and displaying all their fine wheels.

From Freddie, Hiro and I, Thank you!