03 Mar AutoFashion USA VIPFEST Japan – Part 4 – Through the eyes of Suu

Typically I, Kevin, will do most of the photos for the blog. But I can’t always be anywhere and everywhere at any give time. I especially can’t be in Japan at every event, as much as I wish I could be. But thankfully, we do have the help of one such man. His name is Hiroyuki Sugiyama, @suujcm on IG. He has shot events for us that we’re not able to make it out. We honored to have him and here we are today. He previously did StanceNation for us, which came out amazing. Part 4 is dedicated to him and his amazing photos and he has another part!  AFVIPFEST JAPAN is going to be a 6 part full of dope photos for everyone to enjoy.

This was the first time we finally got to meet Suu. We’ve always conversated back and forth through Facebook or Instagram. So finally putting a face to the name was definitely nice. He definitely has a knack for photos and you can tell just looking at the pictures. I’ve loved his coverage of StanceNation so having him onboard definitely helps to broaden our coverage as time goes on. Like any other person, he will try his best to come out to as many events as he can along with providing us coverage of what’s available to him. We truly appreciate having him help us out for providing coverage for everyone to view and enjoy.

While I had a ton of coverage up, it helped having a different perspective available. He was taking photos from different angles that I didn’t think of. So reviewing his coverage is making it better for me as well to hopefully improve myself as well.

The almost entirely USDM converted TSX Wagon that we loved, along with many others.

The Speziell equipped Prius during roll in. Such a dope and simple kit. Definitely liking it.

Static equipped Crown in that beautiful baby blue. Seeing it roll around the venue like this was pretty impressive.

Mao’s G37 on display during VIPFEST. Glad to always have his support at events and everywhere we go.

The flares on this Porsche were insane. If you look at the rear, you can just tell it was stupid wide. I wish I could’ve found out what size he was running but it was crazy to see this thing drive around the way it was.

Yasu’s infamous S2000. No words need to be said as thing is super dope.

There will be one more part coming up so don’t miss out!