28 Feb AutoFashion USA VIPFEST Japan – Part 3

Again, we’re very thankful to everyone that has supported us on making our first event successful. Without any of you, this wouldn’t be possible and I wouldn’t be here writing this post. Everything worked out in perfect harmony. The venue itself played a huge role in really putting everything together. The ATC Hall not only offered us a venue by the water, which provided an amazing view for the most part, but it also offered food, parking, shopping, etc. It had everything you would want in one neat little package. So I think we did good on choosing the location… thanks Hiro!

There’s only so much I can say about event. I’m proud of everything we accomplished. Proud that we received such great support. Proud that there was none to maybe a little bit of negative feedback during the whole event. And the only thing that was bad for us, was the weather towards the end, which was completely out of our control. It started to rain just a little bit so we decided to end the show a little early so that everyone can get home a little more safely. If weather was our only issue, I couldn’t be more happy.

Well that’s enough of blabbering on. Please enjoy the pictures!

A super clean Hako that we enjoyed not only viewing it at the event, but listening to it as it drove off at the end of the show. Just such a beauty on Watanabe wheels.

Thanks again to our good friend Mao for coming to our event and participating. Congratulations again on your award as it’s always well deserved!

Simple R32’s are the best. Nothing to crazy going on with this one and i think that’s why we liked it so much.

Even the itasha crowd had some cars reppin. This Evo that was on display had an interesting choice of graphic. Titty grabbin peace sign girls won at the end of the day for this person.

Freddies AF Choice award went to this leopard as he deserved it so much.

VW’s out in Japan are some of the best. Even adorable ones like this one made us happy to see in the rows.

Yes, even lambo doors still makes it’s way onto the scene in Japan. Loved the color of this GS as it was a stunning blue in person.

The driver was lookin fresh in this car when he was rollin up. Fur coat on and all. Really made sense that he drove this car as it’s a reflection of ones self and fit him very well.

This Z had a very big lowrider theme going on as almost his entire interior was lowrider inspired and even had patterns painted on his roof. Very different from the norm but a beauty to see in person.

Enjoy the rest of the pictures. We have 2 parts left worth of pictures so stay tuned!