24 Feb AutoFashion USA VIPFEST Japan – Part 2

Usually when people hear “VIPFEST” they assume that the event is mainly for VIPCARS and VIPSTYLECARS. While that was the initial motive for the event when we started it 10 years ago, over time, it’s grown to be something more than just those cars. We’ve opened it up to all sorts of vehicles from every medium. We’ve had drift cars, JDM, Euro, and everything else at our events. We never say no to anyone that wants to come to our event and display. Never have. Never will. The same goes for Japan. We allowed all makes/models/styles to be displayed andor compete at VIPFEST Japan. This leads to more variety for everyone and allows more to enjoy all types of styles beyond what they normally see.

We’re fans of all styles. We’ve built and enjoyed many of them. But because we enjoy so many styles, we always want to have that feeling at VIPFEST. It definitely showed. We had a great mixture of cars. From the flawless builds of Garage Excellence and their dope VIP Cars. To the super clean euro’s that were sprinkled around. Even mixtures of cars, such as the Euro Lowrider VW that won Euro Class. No matter which row you looked at or which area you decided to concentrate your effort in, there was always something new to look at and take inspiration from.

Before I forget to add any of this, I also wanted to give a big thank you to all of competitors and car show attendees. Without any, or practically all of you, we wouldn’t have as successful an event as we did. We love the amount of support that was given to us, especially with this being our first show. We learned a lot and we promise to make next year bigger and better. For those that don’t know, we had little promotion. Our main form of promotion was mainly through instagram. Which in japan, isn’t the best form of promotion as they still prefer either Facebook. This is something we’ll be working on to make it more amazing for our event goers.

Sorry, I just had to post this Century again. It’s soon good and perfect and amazing, someone buy me one!

Labeled as the “Aventicrown”, one of Garage Excellents dope cars on display. So sick to see VIPCARS like this in person.

Beautiful from all angles.

Mazda did beautifully with this car. The wheels add that extra aggressive look that’s much needed and compliments the lines so well.

Again, our vendors, such as Kyoei Japan, brought out dope cars and products and we’re oh so thankful for all of them.

This concludes part 2 as we’ll conclude more topics for part 3 next! Stay tuned!