23 Feb AutoFashion USA VIPFEST Japan – Part 1

We’ve been doing VIPFEST here in the states for 10 years now. It started out somewhat difficult. Only difficult at the time because VIP was so new that it was hard to get everyone that was into the style to gather together for a meet and show everyone stateside what it was all about. But over time, people grew to enjoy the event and now, it’s one of the bigger events that everyone is delighted to come to. But that’s only here in the states. It becomes slightly more complicated when trying to replicate the same event that’s become second nature to you all way in Japan, a foreign country where access to the location along with everything else isn’t just a drive down the street. But thanks a lot of friends and family, it went as smooth as possible.

First things first, we must give a HUGE thank you to Hiro. He was pretty much the one person who was able to help us out the most for setting up VIPFEST in Japan. It would’ve been somewhat difficult to organize everything, so we would like to thank everyone that made VIPFEST Japan possible. We want to thank every single person that volunteered their time to help us with our booth and everything that was happening at the show including roll in. With Freddie and myself unable to really speak Japanese, they helped to take care of everything and we’re forever grateful for it.

As a whole, we’re very happy with how the event went. We had a ton of Vendor support, which made us very happy as we’re able to communicate beyond just the internet and actually talk, to the best of our abilities, with many of them whom we’ve wanted to meet for a very long time. It helped to grow our relationship with many of them so I’m glad they came out. Then there was the vehicle support. Many of the builds that came to the event were some that I would only dream about seeing. Now they were right there, in front of my eyes, at OUR event. It made us just ecstatic to see and confirmed, at least to us, that we did something right.

Most of the cars above were all from Garage Excellent, @garage_excellent_japan on IG. Some of the best cars on display for VIP. From classic to wild, they brought it all. They were all beauties. Thank you for bringing them to VIPFEST!

This gold crown was so dope in person. Just had the right amount of everything.

The most USDM car at the event. From the grill, the lights to even the glass! It was like we were back home. We ended up giving him the USDM award as he deserved it oh so much.

PROSPER during roll in. Rolled in style if we do say so ourselves. Team representing at it’s finest.

This car was my, Kevin, personal favorite car of the event. I’ve always been a fan of the Century. After seeing this one in person, i’ve become a bigger fan as this one was just perfect. I need one in my life.

From truck to mobile dj in seconds. This was our DJ booth for the event. Music was loud enough to hear from all across the venue all from this dope ass truck.

Check out this Leopardddddd. This dope Nissan Leopard, as clean as could be, won the AutoFashion Award from Freddie. Most deserved as it was just so good.

Another one of our favorites. It was just simple, clean and perfect.

Last but not least, the Mode Perfume IS350. One of the nicest lip kits to come around for the car and perfect for any owner.

I’ll leave the words at that for now as we’ll be having more parts to VIPFEST so stay tuned!