10 Jan AutoFashion USA Presents VIPFEST X Part 2

With VIPFEST, we do try and cater to mainly VIP cars. But over the years, because of the cars we built and the people we’ve helped, and the relationships that we’ve created, the event has grown to be more than just VIP cars. Which we absolutely support and love. VIPFEST has grown to be a destination for many throughout the year and we couldn’t be happier. It means we’re doing something right by throwing this event.

Though with any event, you have a ton of happy people and a couple not so happy ones. The main gripe for some people that paid, was that they were put into the second lot. While some might have viewed that as the “whatever” lot, we appreciated every single person who decided to participate and pay for a spot. It was never meant to be an “overflow lot” or a lot that we just don’t care about. It’s just that we only have so much limited space and we tried our best to accommodate with the space available to us. Sorry for those that felt cheated or upset about parking in the second lot, but it was seriously all we had.

All in all, we’re very happy with the outcome of the event this year. Being our 10 year anniversary we tried to make it a little more special and we hope you felt that and enjoyed the event along with us. Thank you to every single person who brought their car out along with a thank you to everyone that showed up to support us. It really means a lot to us that everyone came out to support the event along with us because we do this for you all! We hope to see everyone again next year!

Nat’s LS460 fresh from SEMA was one of crowd pleasers of the day. It was just so pretty.

The Godfather of VIP even brought out his new toy. Still kind of jealous because this was one of my favorite cars that FABULOUS did.

One of the true OG’s of the scene. Same owner since way back even when we first started getting into the VIP Scene. Such a classic.

Another car that came down straight from SEMA. Such a clean car that made it’s debut. Definitely thankful it came down so I can get a closer look at it. Especially that engraved hood. Such a dope touch.

Always thankful to have the home skillet Ojay at VIPFEST. Thank you again for all the support as always!

Cesar’s LS460 with the new color and look. Looked damn good rolling around.