08 Jan AutoFashion USA Presents VIPFEST X Part 1

Not many can say that they’ve done 10 years of anything. We’re proud that we’re able to say just that. What started as an idea has blossomed into something many look forward to year after year. We’re very happy and flattered that the community has been so supportive of our event and always make it a destination as something to go to after the grueling week of SEMA. It’s one of the best ways to wrap up SEMA week in our humble opinion. You get to start the week with the amazing Chronicles event, then a whole week of SEMA fun, then end the week enjoying San Diego weather and us. What more could you ask for?

Thank you again to the fine folks of EndThread. You’ve all helped us throughout the year and we really appreciate everything you guys do for us. <3

First and foremost, we’d like to thank all of those who participated and entered in this years VIPFEST X. Every year the event grows and it really shows. This year, we held it at Green Flash Brewery, a local San Diego brewery that has welcomed us with open arms and allowed us to hold our event at their location. I feel like this is one of our favorite spots to enjoy a sunday afternoon. Beautiful Weather, Beer, Music, and cars. It’s just perfect in every way imaginable. So thank you again to the crew over at Green Flash for allowing us to hold the VIPFEST meet at your location. I think many enjoyed everything about it, cause we know we did.

But the level of cars this year were beyond amazing. We had a amazing showing of VIP cars, which is still very close to our hearts, on full display. Which still goes to show that the VIP scene is far from dead. We hope to see the scene still constantly grow and hope to be part of it as much as possible. We also had cars straight from SEMA that we’re very thankful to have. Not many are willing to spend an entire week at SEMA and then come down to San Diego to do one more event to end the week but we’re very thankful for those that did participate. It really means a lot to us.

This is part 1 of 2 and we hope you enjoy it! Sorry again that we, meaning I (Kevin) lagged on this. No excuses but i’ll do my best to improve for you guys/gals. I promise!

David’s super clean Bens Wagon just looks so good slammed to the ground like this.

One of our favorite rolling around LA right now, and not because we helped a bit with the build, is Alberts 3rd Gen GS. It’s just so aggressively amazing. Expect to see more of this beauty soon!

This one has been a long project but definitely worth it. Our good friend Greyson has built this LS430 beautifully with the right touch of class.

We were so DEFINITELY stoked to finally debut this car. After years of progress, we finally got to debut this GS and couldn’t be happier. Just everything about this build is amazing. Trust us.

Thank you Mikey and crew for coming down to VIPFEST after your week long SEMA media blowout. Very much appreciated and congrats again on your build!

Straight from the motherland, our good friends of SOUTHSIIIIIDE shipped over and brought out this amazing civic sedan with a crx front end. They always have the most immaculate cars and we’re always excited to see what they build every year.

Last but not least for part 1, our brother from another mother Steve had brought his LS400 that was on display at SEMA as well. New kit, new wheels, new interior had finally brought this beauty of a car out again. It makes us happy to see this car out and about again.