16 Aug Airrunner Meet and Jenga Tourney

We’ve always supported Airrunner from day 1 when we first started seeing them at SEMA.¬†We’ve worked with them close to 10 years now. So if we have a chance to support them when they throw events or any kind of function, we try our best to go out there and show some love.

The event they were holding was a Prius Chat x VanKulture x Airrunner meet at the Airrunner shop in Anaheim. The vanning/prius community is a very tight knit community that is slowly gaining steam, especially in the past couple months. Its good to see as we’ve always been a lover of the vanning culture, and it kind of shows with our own prius. If you look enough through social media, you will definitely start seeing more and more vans/wagons start showing up at events because as some of us get older and start bringing families around, but still have that itch to modify a car, a van will be our weapon of choice as it’s all we got.

We didn’t get to spend much time at the meet as we had to head back down to SD to get back to the shop and take care of business, but it was definitely a fun event and a good time seeing everyone in the community. We look forward to the next meet!