04 Dec AFVIPFEST 11 Part 2

VIPFEST really means a lot to us. The original idea of throwing this event was to help bring out the VIP community in one location to embrace the culture and help it grow. I feel like it really did help. Seeing everyone bring out their VIP or VIPStyle cars out to the meet, spend the afternoon together and share ideas helped to mold the culture we have today. Now here we are, 11 years later, still embracing the VIP culture through and through but adding additional styles because we love cars as a whole. The VIP culture has developed into quite the scene and we love it. Everyone adding their own touch and flavor to their build to truly call it their own. The possibilities are endless and we enjoy seeing everyone’s unique twists to the style.

Again, we aren’t just VIP people. The past couple years we’ve built drift cars and even gone back to our roots in the Honda scene with our EG this year. But that’s also part of the reason why we’ve opened up the event to everyone that’s willing to bring their car out to the event. The car community is so huge that it’s nice to have events like ours that cater to all spectrums of the industry. With that, we also have to thank many of the Vendors of the event. I know some of them are tired and don’t really want to do another event right after SEMA, but we appreciate those that come out and support us. So thank you to Falken Tires first and foremost for being our main Sponsor! You guys are simply the best. But we also want to thank Smelly Panda, Airrunner, Kyoei USA, Weds Wheels USA, Southsiiiiide, HHWHH Collectibles, Human Catalyst and TDemand/Central Pine for supporting our event!

The question has come up recently, “do you guys ever want to do it at a bigger location so you can get more cars?” While we do want to provide a location that could handle 300+ cars at any given time, we actually like the smaller, more tight knit venue that we have at Green Flash. We feel like it opens up more lanes of communication between people. We saw many people just openly talk to others they parked near that weren’t even part of the same crew or friends. It’s just building relationships over the scene. That’s the kind of thing we like to see. Along with just communication, the vibe of the entire event is super chill and just relaxing. After the insanity that is SEMA, many of us want a more mellow environment to kind of wind down. That’s exactly what we want as well and try to keep when we do VIPFEST every year.

My final thank you. Thank you to everyone who came out this year. We will continue doing this for as long as we can and will continuously try and make it better every year. Till next time!