01 Dec AFVIPFEST 11 Part 1

First off, let all of us from AutoFashion say THANK YOU! Thank you to everyone who came out to AF VIPFEST 11! It meant so much to us that everyone came out and, at least from our point of view, had a great time. To date, this has been one of my favorite and most memorable VIPFEST that we’ve thrown. The weather was perfect, the atmosphere was so relaxed and chill and everyone was super cooperative during roll in that you all just made it so easy for us. We appreciate you all in every single way possible.

What better way to greet you as you walked into VIPFEST 11. Glenn brought out his dope ’62 for all of to view. It was the best greeter you could ever imagine.

LXZ’s on a 2nd Gen GS is always a thing of beauty. Especially when matched up against the blue

Long time friend and family of ours, Mikey brought out his dope 300 that still looks good to this day. Glad he’s still able to make it to our event as it means a lot to us.

Thank you to Eden for always supporting us! Car still still looks as good as ever!

VIPFEST tends to be… difficult at times. Not in a negative way. No way no how. We really do love doing the event year after year. But we tend to be so drained from SEMA and the weeks before that building cars for various reasons. This year though, thanks to all of you, we didn’t feel one ounce of being drained. See, everything went so smoothly that we didn’t really struggle getting things setup, cars place and vendors situated. Things just fell into place so smoothly, it was perfect. So thank you again for making our lives easier by cooperating and bearing with us when it got a little jammed.

Liberty cars always looking so pretty.

Always been jealous of Cesars Century limo. Now that it’s rocking the JP kit, it’s lookin better than ever. 

Lowballers crew always has the best attention to detail. It definitely shows in this 3rd gen GS. It’s so pretty.

Nats LS460 has always been one of the best cars to look at everywhere it goes. It combines everything to truly make it one of a kind. Overtime we see this car, I always find something new to appreciate.

Not only do we thank you all, but we also have to thank the fine folks of Green Flash for providing all the deliciousness as well as an amazing venue. They worked with us the night before, allowing us to get some setup done ahead of time and even to mark off the parking spots to make it easier for us in the morning. On top of all that, they even cleared out some of the areas in the warehouse so we can park some of the cars in their. Top notch service if I don’t say so myself. We’ve done VIPFEST at Green Flash for two years now and it’s such a pleasure that I’m not sure we ever want to change venues anytime in the near future. They make it super easy to get things done and give us complete freedom to do what we want. This year, they were even able to let us walk around the parking lot, drinks in hand. It made for the best of days. So thank you again to Green Flash, y’all are the best!

Russ has gone through an entire color change, doing his best to keep quiet about it. Thankfully he debuted it at VIPFEST and it was definitely worth the wait. Pictures will never do the color justice as it’s one of the colors you need to see in person. Amazing job as usual.

The “infamous” Big Steve always coming down to support the fam. Rarely get to see the perfection from the back so I had to throw it up here.

Last but not least, our labor of love. This was our big SEMA project for 2017. I hope everyone had a chance to check it out as we put a lot of effort and love into this thing and hopefully it showed. We’ll be bringing out this beast to events soon enough so stay tuned!

This ends part 1. Part 2 will be available tomorrow. We’ll have more summaries of our thoughts of VIPFEST as a whole with the next part. It will be more than just thanking everyone, we promise haha.