18 Feb AFFest Japan via AutoFashion Suu – Part 1

Throughout our journey of having AutoFashion open, we’ve met a variety of people through all different disciplines. We’ve met and have gained many people we consider family on our journey through the automotive world. Now that we have opened up our doors more to Japan, we have also gained people we’ve come closer with during this time. One of those people just so happened to be our really good friend, Suu. We met him in Japan and have talked many times through social media and he loves what we do and what we’re about. It’s also great that we love his pictures and the fact that he supports us so much.

Suu has helped us over the past 2 years we’ve done AFFest Japan. He lives a bit far away so he has to take the train over to us but that hasn’t stopped him from meeting us at 6am on both occasions. Smiling and ready to help us any way he can. That’s what we love most about him. His super happy attitude and willingness to lend a helping hand. We couldn’t thank him enough for everything he has done for us. Beyond just staging and setting up car spots, he also helps guide traffic and bring in cars during the event. 

Beyond just helping, he took the time once everything was done and settled, to take pictures of the event as well. He did this tremendously and was such a huge help in capturing more than I could have during the time spent there. I really do love his pictures as it has this smoothness to it that I can’t really get. The angles and everything about his photos are really well done so I’m very glad to have him here helping us with events that we can’t get to in the future.

This wraps up part 1! Enjoy part 2 shortly. Thanks!