01 Feb AFFest Japan 2020 – Part Yon

And with that, this will be the final post of our coverage for the AF Festival. In total, there were about 520 pictures all in all. While that covered like 95% of everything that happened, I do want to apologize for those people that my pictures unfortunately didn’t turn out well of their cars. At a certain point during the festival, I was starting to run out of time. There was just a lot of things that I had to do throughout the day and just didn’t notice the event was going to end soon. So I had to start rushing pictures. I tried my best but unfortunately, I couldn’t take pictures of some vendors along with unfortunately taking pictures of blurry cars. So let me say once, I’m sorry if I didn’t get a picture of your car. I will make it up to you next year I promise!

We’ll keep this one simple this time around and just let the pictures do the talking. I think I’ve said enough already and all that matters at this point are the pictures. Below I’ll post all the winners and their respective categories, but I have some thank you’s to give. First off, we really want to thank all of our vendors for everything they did. We love having all of our vendors out there as we’ve worked closely with many of them in some capacity and we’re super happy that they always support us in every way. So thank you to every vendor that made it out to AF Festival 2020!

Thank you to all the following Vendors:
– Acticare
– Ozawa Report
– Southsiiiiide AutoCustoms
– Job Design
– AP Garage
– Work Wheels
– Universal Air
– Speed Forme
– USDM Jam
– Shine Motor
– C.H.Peep
– Avant Garde Wheels
– Tanoshi Design
– Yoshitake
– Respect AutoCustom
– Abyss Auto Boutique
– X-Point Import
– Kyoei Japan – USA
– Good Gun

Ozawa Report
Abyss Auto Boutique and Acticare
Avant Garde Wheels
Universal Air Japan
Southsiiiiide Auto Custom
Speed Forme

Once again, thank you to everyone that participated and entered their car. Without you all, we wouldn’t be here to do the event. You all are truly the life blood of this event. So with that here are all the winners for all the categories!

Congratulations to all the winners:
– AutoFashion Choice – Eiji Daito – Nissan S13
– Best Performance – Kohei Fujii – Nissan Skyline 25GT
– Best VIP – Ryota Oogaku – Toyota Crown Athlete
– Best Toyota/Lexus Sedan – Shun Miyamoto – Toyota Aristo
– Best Toyota/Lexus Coupe – Kenichi Kimura – Lexus RCF
– Best Nissan/Infiniti Sedan – Hidemitsu Goto – Nissan Cima
– Best Nissan/Infiniti Coupe – Daisuke Yamaguchi – Nissan R-35 GT-R
– Best Audi/VW – Koichi Hayashi – Audi R8
– Best BMW/Mini – AP Garage – BMW E46 M3
– Best Euro Other – Yuto Matoba – Mercedes W114
– Best Civic – Tactical Art – Honda EK
– Best Honda – Keigo Okada – Honda DC2
– Best Mazda – Hiroyasu Motokura – Mazda FD3S
– Best Other – Masaya Maeda – Mitsubish Lancer Evo X
– Best Vendor – JOB DESIGN
– Best Old Fashion – Daisuke Nakayama – Honda Civic Hatch
– Most Gangsta – Hideki Koma – Toyota Century
– Best Team – AP GARAGE
– Best Hybrid/EV – Shinya Kamakura – Toyota Prius ZVW30
– Best Subaru – Katsuhito Nakamura – Subaru WRX STI
– Best Static – Keita Kikuchi – Nissan Skyline V37
– Best Air – Hirotaka Murase – Nissan 350z
– Best Interior – 9010Design – Mercedes W114
– Best USDM Build – Norifumi Kobayashi – Acura TSX Wagon
– Best Oddest Build – Sagami Yuki – Mazda FD3S
– Best Truck/Van/SUV – Manabu Nakano – Mazda B2200
– Best Audio – Masashi Tatsuno – Porsche Cayman

That wraps up AF Festival 2020! Thank you for joining us. Until next time! See you at AF Festival San Diego in November! <3