30 Jan AFFest Japan 2020 – Part San

I’m kind of at a loss for words. Since we started posting the blog posts on IG/FB, people are responding well to it. I think. But even the day of and week after AF Festival, there’s been soooooo many social media posts, tags, and mentions everyday. It’s been a bit overwhelming honestly. Everyday we wake up to multiple mentions and tags that it almost becomes troublesome to sort through it all. While it may sound a bit like I’m complaining, that’s far from the truth. I’m just not used to it personally. I’m used to seeing like some mentions from any of our accounts overnight. But now it’s just like a lot a lot all throughout the night. It’s a little humbling that everyday, people are adding more pictures of the event and that makes us smile from ear to ear. Because it means that, at least to me, that people really enjoyed the event and loved what they brought and are proud to show it off. This also means that we’re growing in the right direction and doing everything in our powers to make it the best we can

I will say that every time we’ve done this event, I get a little worried. I say that because I never really know what to expect. We plan for a lot prior to the day of, but internally I worry just a tiny bit. Do we have enough cars to fill the area? Will people come? Do I have enough time to get everything done? Do we have everything we need? Did we bring enough merch to sell? All these questions kind of bubble up inside every year. But in all honesty, once the event starts, cars and vendors start rolling in and everything is setup, all those worries go away. The event kind of just goes on auto and everything just happens. As weird as that sounds, its true. We get so much done in so little time. On top of everything, we still have to judge all the cars as well. We really can’t do it all alone, just the 3 of us. But, we have many people that we are thankful for. With the language barrier for us, we rely on people and they really pull through. Without some of them, we would not be able to get AF Festival running the way we do. It’s really nice to have people we can trust and put our faith in to truly help us.

We’re not going to just end this year and be like “yup, lets just do the same thing next year!” We’re already working on planning for next year and see what we can do better and more efficiently. We are going to constantly improve year after year to make this the best event for everyone that goes. We really are going to try our best for everyone because people want to come to our event and we definitely don’t want to disappoint them. Hopefully next year, we can maybe bring our own cars out there! That’d be so dope to just have our own personal cars out in Japan. Ah man, we can dream. But we’ll see. It’s definitely a goal of ours

So with that, this ends Part San. We hope everyone has been enjoying the posts and pictures! One more part left and that will conclude AF Festival Japan for 2020!