29 Jan AFFest Japan 2020 – Part Ni

Welcome back for part ni of our coverage of AFFest. From our point of view, the event went off without an issue. People were happy, we think. We’ve heard no complaints about anything so I think we’re good. Whenever the event ends we always think some people might have some complaints, but over the years we’ve never really heard anything but so we’re doing something right. Seems like everyone enjoyed the event as a whole as I saw smiling faces and joyous people throughout the day. It wasn’t super windy. It wasn’t too cold. It definitely didn’t rain so we’re super happy about that! It wasn’t completely cloudy… for like 4 hours of the event. I think that’s the only thing that we wish could’ve been better, the fact that we could’ve used a bit more sunshine throughout the day. But if that’s the only complaint we have, then we did the best we could possibly do. The days leading up to the event were kind of worrisome. We constantly checked the weather apps to see what was going to happen. First it started off cloudy Then saw a chance of rain for a couple days. Then back to cloudy. Then finally cloudy sunny. It was such an emotional rollercoaster of just hoping and praying for the best possible result that day. End of the day though, it worked out and we were happy.

I remember our first AFFest, then called VIPFest, and how much smaller it was compared to now. Not by a lot a lot, but we did have less cars entering and a handful of vendors at the time. Over the years though, we’ve essentially doubled the amount of cars and vendors that are participating and we couldn’t be more thankful. It just proves that we have a ton of support all over Japan and that they’re willing to spend time with us. Even though during this time, it is super busy with other big events. You have Tokyo Auto Salon before our event and Osaka Auto Messe right after. Then here we are, right smack dab in the middle of it. Yet many people still come out and spend the day with us. We truly love it.

While saying that though, the car quality has truly blown us away every year. Japan knows how to build some cars, as I’m sure you can see. What I appreciate the most is the pure variety of cars that come out. You have Euro, JDM, Drift, Honda, Old School, VIP, USDM, American, Classics and everything in between. I think that’s what helps make AFFest unique. It’s that it’s a celebration of cars rather than sticking to any one type of platform. So it really is a platform for individuals to show off what truly inspires them and lets others see how they build their cars with their own personal tastes. While we do have people that have gone to our event over the past years, it’s always nice to see new cars come out. Like for example, seeing a LBWK Aventador come out was jaw dropping. Something I would never expect to come out to our event. But on top of that, seeing the progress and changes of some of the cars have been doing over the years is always a sight to see. Paint jobs, new wheels, different liveries. A bunch of cars have changed so much over the years it gets hard to tell sometimes that it was at a previous event. But that’s another thing we love to see. Year after year.

I think with that, we’re going to wrap up part 2. Please look forward to part 3 shortly! Thank you!