28 Jan AFFest Japan 2020 – Part Ichi

Before we get into all this, I really just want to give a big big thank you first and foremost. Thank you to all of the wonderful people of Japan for supporting us. Supporting our event. Supporting everything we do year after year. This is now our 4th year of doing AFFest in Japan and we couldn’t be happier with the current state of things. We’ve made many improvements over the years. Updating our format, our categories, our everything, to make it better for everyone. But, I feel like dhanging the location to be more welcoming to everyone has been one of the biggest things that we could improve upon. With this final change to the location, we believe we’ve found our forever home.

The awards for AFFest Japan 2020. Similar to the ones that we did for our SD show, but with teal lettering instead. Shoutout to Cary from Mistrshop for creating all these awards for us. He’s helped us make multiple awards for both our SD and Japan events and we couldn’t be more thankful for his assistance over the years. Also, shoutout to Chamorroboy once again for helping us with the main award and creating the wheel for us. It came out dope as hell and we, and everyone else, loved it!
Just a small batch of people waiting to buy some of the AF Gear we had brought. Some of which were exclusive to Japan… for now.
Ok so… I dont know how it happened, but somehow the Red Bull car came into the venue, gave a ton of people red bulls and then dipped out. It was awesome but random all at the same time. Bless them cause some of us really needed that red bull haha
The lines created by the ever so nice of Japan made it super easy for them to hand out the Red Bulls.

This year, we held AFFest at the Expo Commemoration Park in Suita, which is located about 10 miles north of Osaka. This location, which is situated next to a massive statue called, “The Tower of the Sun”, has a history not only because of the fact that the World Expo was held here in 1970, but back in the early 90’s, lowrider shows used the same exact location! So while it’s not often used by todays car events, it does have a rich history in our car world. It’s kind of crazy knowing that even as far back as almost 30 years ago, some legendary cars were sitting right where we were. Hopping their cars on hydros while some were sitting nice and low on air. Enjoying exactly what we are in a different form. It’s kind of inspiring knowing that we’re helping to continue the tradition of a car event here going forward. We believe, and really want this location, to be our forever home.

Job Design loading their LC500 off the tow truck.
Our family from Southsiiiiide during roll-in with our beautiful Japan only AFFest back drop!
The entry for roll-in wasn’t too bad. Though some scraped, many go through juuuust fine.
As with every event, our Dj system came out with the dopeness that is this truck.

This time around, we tried our best to make roll in and having all the cars setup as easy as possible. We prepped as much as we could the days/nights before. We had plenty of packing, loading, organizing and cleaning the days prior and even the night before, at the venue, we were setting up all the paper on the floor to let cars know exactly where to park. The reason we prepped as much as possible and tried to make things easy was due to the fact that we were on a limited schedule for roll-in. See, this location, while amazing, is still a public park. We had to make sure that we got all Vendors and cars rolled in within 2hours. We went over that time by just a little bit, but due to all of the prep and everything we did during the days before, we were able to get everything accomplished quickly and easily. As long as we got everything into the venue by then, everything was a-ok! Thank you again to everyone that helped and assisted in making this possible. You all know who you are.

This sums up part ichi for now. I’ll get into more of the event such as the quality of cars as well as our feelings as a whole in the next couple updates. Thank you for reading and please enjoy part 1 of 4 of our coverage.