30 Mar AFFEST JAPAN 2019 PART 3!

This last little bit will only cover probably some of the important stuff we had for the event, the Vendors and Award winners.

So as with any event, we’re very thankful and grateful for all the vendors that came to AFFest. But out of all the vendors and people that have contributed to AFFest, we have to give our biggest thanks to Function & Form. They were our title sponsor for this years AFFest Japan and we couldn’t be more thankful. They really helped us out a TON and without them, it would’ve been a bit more difficult for us to get some stuff accomplished. But they really pulled through and I don’t think I can say enough thank you’s to really show how much we are appreciative of them being there for us.

That doesn’t mean that we’re not appreciative of the rest of the vendors that were in attendance as well. Another major company that we couldn’t have done without is Werkshop Graphics. They’ve helped to print out all our stickers, medal designs and everything inbetween. They’ve really helped us out in every way possible for prepping for this event. So thank you as well Werkshop Graphics, we truly appreciate you. But, without the vendors that we had, AFFest just wouldn’t be the same. We’ve dealt with many of the vendors on both a personal and business level so we love and enjoy that they all took time out of their precious weekends to be in attendance with little ol us. We even spent some time after the show to go and visit some of the vendors as a way of saying thank you for coming out to the event. At the end of the day, we try and make sure our vendors are happy and if there’s anything that we can do to improve the show or make it easier/better for them, please let us know as we want any kind of feedback, both good and bad.

Work Wheels Japan
Liberty VIP
Forgiato Wheels
Kyoei Japan
Shine Motor Japan
Speed Forme
Zoomac Japan
Car House Peep

As with every previous AFFest, awards were handed out at the end of the show. Most of you know how awards go, so I wont go into details about categories and judging and all the things it entails. There’s just no reason for me to do so. But I will say, after watching every single persons reaction after receiving an award, filled us with joy. Every single winner seemed very surprised and delighted in the fact that they had won something. Not a single person seemed bitter or upset that they got 2nd or 3rd when they think they should’ve got first. Just legit happiness from every person. This is another part of the reason why we love doing awards and providing the event for everyone. It just seems like genuine joy and happiness for everyone that came and brought their car. The awards was just a bonus for everyone and that’s what we like to see.

All the awards on display for the event

This is pretty much all of AFFest Japan! We hope you enjoyed the pictures and thank you again to everyone who came, everyone who brought a car and to all of our vendors. You really made this a very memorable day for all of us of the AF Staff. Thank you. Arigato gozaimasu!

Right before we started Raffle/Awards, we kind of started a tradition of having everyone in attendance join us for a large KANPAI!!!
Everyone checking their tickets for the raffle to see if they won