28 Mar AFFest Japan 2019 Part 2!

Welcome back for part 2! With this post I want to take some time to talk about the event as a whole and about the cars that came out to the event. I kind of mentioned some of this already in the previous post but I’d like to take a little more time going more in depth. Hopefully im just not repeating what I said in the last post haha.

So let’s start with the show. As soon as we got there… it was cold. Not going to lie cause it was definitely not sunshine and happiness quite just yet. Just clouds and no amount of jackets/long sleeves/hoodies could keep us warm. But as the day went on, we got a little bit of sunshine then back to clouds. Yes, it was cold pretty much all day. Not all events can be perfect and that’s fine by us. We roll with the punches. We’ve done some events with perfect weather. Sometimes though, we can’t always be lucky and get what we wanted. Regardless of weather or any other difficulties, we will always hold our events. Once the cars started rolling in though, the happiness far out weighed any weather problems. We stopped caring about being cold or trying to figure out ways to stay warm because the fact that our event essentially “started” we were ecstatic! All of the hard work that we put into the event over many many months is finally showing itself and people rolled in one after the other. First vendors and vendor cars, then finally all the display cars. Easiest roll in we’ve ever had to do. The full staff we had on hand made everything super easy for us. Once all the cars were situated, the show started without a hitch. The music was playing. Our announcer kept the fun vibes of the event going all throughout the day. Our raffle was selling pretty well. Just as a whole, we couldn’t have asked for more and just generally happy how everything went about!

Now onto the real meat of the event, the cars! All the cars in attendance were nothing short of amazing. When we hold AFFest, we try and allow almost every style of build that people do. From the VIP cars, to the hondas, to the Euros, even old school and everything in between. We allow almost everything because we really want to see what Japan has to offer. We also don’t want to silo AFFest to only one type of style because thats not how we are. We personally try and work on every car and we want our event to reflect that because we enjoy all forms of car culture regardless of what car or style people choose. We embrace everything. So that’s why the cars that come to AFFest are so varied and we love it. I think that’s what makes our event a little more unique because of the variety that’s available. I wouldn’t be able to just choose any singular car that stood above the rest. Not because that’d make sound us like asses trying to think any car stood above the rest, but because there’s so many I liked for various reasons. I liked the Century that was on hand because i just absolutely adore that car. I loved the CRX because it was just classy and clean. I loved the Hako because, well, because it’s a Hako. I could literally go on for each and every car in attendance because each one had something special. So we spent a lot of time really checking out the cars for as long as we did because we loved it. Even the signs and print outs that people made for their registration put many a smile on our faces for the ones we saw.

This will conclude part 2. Part 3 will be coming up shortly and will go over our vendors and winners. Stay tuned!