23 Mar AFFest Japan 2019 Part 1!

So first off, hello! It’s been quite a long time since we’ve done anything with this and I would like to change that. I hope. But we’ve had quite a busy schedule while in Japan and for myself, right after Japan I had to go on a trip for work for 2 weeks. So I apologize for the lateness of all this as usual. But enough about all that, cause that’s not what you or anyone is here for.

First and foremost, THANK YOU to everyone that came AFFest. It means so much to all of us that so many of you came out to our event and enjoyed the day with us. While it wasn’t the most perfect weather possible, everyone that came had a smile on their face and we couldn’t be happier. Every year, the event gets bigger and bigger and we’re excited to see it grow and develop into something amazing every time. We are truly blessed to be able to do this for the people of Japan. Being “US” guys, we never really thought it would ever get to be as big as it is. But thanks to those that are our friends, that have turned into family in both Japan and the US, it really brings a tear to our eyes, well at least mine, to see so many people support us. It’s even more amazing that some of the same people that we saw at AFFest 1 are still coming out to support us at AFFest 3 and beyond. 

The event, to us, was a huge success. From everything we’ve seen via social media, hearing what others have said, everyone that attended, either competitors and people visiting the show, everyone enjoyed it as well. Our new location this year was welcomed with open arms. I believe this will be the spot we will be holding AFFest every year going forward. It’s an easy spot to get to and the open feel of it all is perfect for what we’re going for. An easy roll in area and process. This place definitely is amazing. Might be a little far for some people, but in the end, the view and location is all worth it.

Along with just the venue and peoples reactions, the amount of cars that are coming to the event has grown each year. I remember the first time we threw this event and had a good amount of cars. Nothing to really brag about, but it was satisfying for being our first event. But at this point, the event has doubled in attendance! It’s quite a surprise to us that we are continuously growing in ways we couldn’t have imagined in all the right ways. What started off as just an idea or a “you know what would be dope…?” has blossomed into an event that has opened up doorways for us and has lead for us to constantly meet new and amazing people. That’s what is actually most important and a basis for why we do this event. We want to connect to the people that have supported us, new and old, over the years in Japan. To put names to faces or get the names of people we only know through social media handles. This is why we do it, for the people!

I’ll be splitting this up into three parts as I want to provide a little different bit of content for each piece. So please enjoy this first part. Next part will consist of how I felt about the event as a whole and about the cars that we had in attendance. So please enjoy roll in and some of the initial cars. Thanks!